Friday, February 19, 2010

A very laid back week.

I suppose I should have posted a bit about Valentines Day, last Sunday but we were so laid back about it all- and we didn't really DO anything- that I never got around to it.

My darling T got me lovely flowers and my favorite chocolate covered biscuits (and two bottles of Prosecco!) along with the choice of dinner at the restaurant I preferred.

Instead of a restaurant, I decided my present would be fixing him his favorite Steak-Frites and a yummy dessert with raspberries (his fav- anything with raspberries)

I made up the potatoes and thickly sliced up a lovely fillet of beef I got on Friday, and we had nice fillet steaks sauteed in butter, and crisp golden french fries.

I also had made some applesauce on Saturday, so we had a lovely little side of cold applesauce with some hot buttered corn (T's fav).

The piece de resistance was my Australian inspired dessert (my micro- version of pavlova) which was frozen raspberries slightly thawed and some icing sugar with a little cointreau sprinkled over it all, left to sit for about 15 minutes.

Then I crumbled up some pre-made meringue shells in a margarita glass, poured in the berries and whipped up some cream (with a touch of creme de cassis and some icing sugar to get a lovely (and tasty!) mauve tinged whipped cream to go on top!

A scattering of a few more berries and voila! A really REALLY great dessert that won me rave reviews and a plaintive "Why haven't you ever fixed this before?"

The week seemingly went by very quickly filled with the everyday bits and pieces of life, like laundry and dishes and picking up and making beds, and going for walks with the dog (though, T is MUCH better at walking her when it's raining or cold or too early- than I am...)

Highlights of the week include, having our tech person Kostas back to fix the wireless internet connections which seemingly had decided for no apparent reason not to work at all for the weekend, but amazingly worked fine when Kostas put it all back together. (no idea. none.)

Me, finally making friends with my new shorter haircut (only took a week!).

T spending more time sealing the roof - and he starts a new project of remaking the entry gate posts re-enforcing them (and turning them to stone!) Finally something to do with all those rocks that are too big to be gravel and too small to be decorative!

I will add a picture of the finished project when it happens. (which depends on the weather...)

And last, the hint of spring in the yard with flowers blooming early!

I was very surprised by the wild iris and the little narcissus.

I suppose it's perfectly normal as we've had a rather warm winter- with the intermittent cold day or two here and there.

Mostly this year, our winter has been all about rain and lots of moss growing on the grass, on the walls, on the rocks, on the trees.

At times it's felt a bit like a rain forest, as we've had a lot of days of that fine misty rain that is a bit like being inside of a cloud.

Oh and speaking for clouds we've had an interesting few of those as well!

This one came around sunset time, and had those odd little pointy bumps on the bottom - that while I was taking the picture decided to show its true nature and rained on me.

So that was a snapshot of my week.

I wish you all a good weekend and a very nice week!



  1. Your hair is beautifully cut Jes. I like the sound of your Valentine dinner...scrumptious!

    Your weather seems to be fairly similar to ours...we have just had a couple of glorious days with temps around 70 deg F, which had be sitting outside in a t-shirt, but this morning I've woken up to gale force winds and a sky very much like the one in your pic

  2. Your new haircut is very smart. I am glad you had a nice Valentine's Day.

  3. Dear Lacey, Ayak and gaelikaa,

    Thanks for the kind words! Hair can be such a tricky thing to change. Still I was ready.

    I am comfortable with it and glad I no longer have to fight with the winter dryness, static electricity and wispy annoying bits getting in my eyes, nose and mouth!

    [It also does a pretty good job of distracting the eye from the wrinkles!] My lady did a good job with the cut! (Oh, and Ayak- the full wash, scalp massage, cut and style dry with good tip, was all of 20 euro- not quite as inexpensive as Turkey, but good nonetheless!)]

  4. Hi Jes! I like your hair too! It's very sophisticated~~
    That dessert looks so delicious! I love raspberries. I think it's great that you observed V-day so sweetly.

    Have a great afternoon! :)

  5. Dear Cheryl,

    My camera person kept trying to make me giggle but I ignored him. That dessert was really simple to make, so keep some frozen raspberries in the fridge just in case you come across the meringue shells (or even biscuits- just pop them in the oven to really dry them out).

    As for Valentine's Day, it's what it should be- s sort of a nice extension of every day.



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