Monday, December 5, 2011

The "eye's" have it...

So.  T's appointment was this morning (US time) in Michigan, and, sadly, after a thorough eye exam, the conclusion was: it was not a false alarm.  Indeed the symptoms told the story and it IS a detached retina.

I read somewhere, online, that strongly nearsighted people have weak retinas.  Who knew??  Supposedly it affects about 1 in 10,000 people.

Some lottery...

Surgery will go ahead tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow evening everything will be done.

For a detached retina, it was good news as it was still partially attached.  Still it's disconcerting, uncomfortable and serious.  Big deal to make sure you keep your sight!

And the recovery time will again be six weeks with no airplane travel due to the gas bubble placed in to reattach the retina.

As Pooh says, "Oh Bother."

The good news is that there are some medical aids available, that we didn't know about the last time, so hopefully, it will be less of an annoyance, (and strain on the neck!) and the recovery will pass a bit less slowly.

Meanwhile, the "girls" and I have been taking long walks in the rain.

It would seem that whenever I plan to go for a walk with the dogs, the sky opens up just when I'm at the furthest point from the house.  (ha-ha, the gods of weather apparently have a sense of humor.)   The dogs don't really mind getting wet. I, however, really mind going back into the house with a couple of wet smelly dogs!  (tomorrow is dog towel washing day.)

I made a quiche for lunch, today.  My best friend (and masseuse!) stopped by to give my frozen shoulder a work out.  ouch.  

But back to the quiche:  It was a pretty standard one, with bacon, onions and cheese, but I added mushrooms because T wasn't here.  I rarely add them to food, as he doesn't care for them.

I had the end cut crusts from a couple of pies I made last week and gathered them together to make a sort of franken-crust.  It turned out pretty good- still light and flaky if a tad misshapen.  (I gave my friend a "doggie bag" of half the quiche, so that she and her mother  could have it for dinner tonight.)

Tomorrow I'm thinking about making Pease Pudding after watching a program on how to make it last night.  Everyone was so enjoying it, I figured I'd give it a whirl.  I'll try and take some pics and do a post on how I made it.

Meanwhile, it's good evening from Corfu!


  1. So glad this was caught in time. Six weeks recovery will be tedious, but so worth it to have good sight afterwards.

    I am extremely short-sighted and back when I was 12 there was a year when the specialist thought I might be at risk of a detached retina so I wasn't allowed to do any close work other than school work. No leisure reading for a whole year for a bookworm like me! Thankfully the risk passed and hasn't returned, but I have a fellow-feeling for all whose sight is under threat.

    Hope the pease pudding goes well. I've never made it but we had ham and pea soup for lunch. Just right for a winter's day.

  2. Oh Perpetua, Me TOO. My biggest worry with him flying the chaos of 3 different planes and in transit for around 20 hours was that it would become completely detached and he'd be hanging over the weekend! (tho I'd pretty much nagged everyone into taking him to the emergency room if there was any sort of change.)

    How awful for you, at 12 years old, to have that hanging over your head for a year!

    I will say that my dearly beloved has been reading A LOT lately. It's like he's catching up on all the reading for enjoyment he didn't have the time for the thirty years he worked before he retired! I of course read to breathe and (former librarian that I am I've collected over the years...) I have thousands of books.

    Still he may have to start limiting himself, I don't know.

    I'm waiting to post the tentative conclusion- ie the surgery is at noon Michigan time- to all this. My son will let me know when everything is all settled. They're having the special furniture delivered so he can keep his head down, but rested for at least the first 2 weeks (they'd really like it to be longer but I don't know how he'll manage two weeks, let along more than that!)

    So. As I live on Corfu, I spent the whole day running around finding what I needed to make Pease Pudding. Went to the gammon store to find gammon, and then three grocery stores to find all the other little bits and pieces.

    Still it works out well as according to the recipes, I have to soak the gammon overnight anyway to desalt it... (also have to soak the peas for that matter, sigh.)

    Ah well. Our winter day today was a high of 68F/20C! So even tho it rained it wasn't too bad by half!!

  3. So you were a librarian too, Truestarr! another book addict. :-) Pease pudding sounds like it will turn out to be a very thick version of my ham and pea soup, in which case it will be delicious.

    Hoping all has gone well with the surgery.

  4. Just catching...I thought you'd disappeared for a while and then found I had messed up the blogroll thingy on Blogger.

    Best wishes for your husband's op. Sight is so precious. I spent a long time in the Royal Eye Hospital in London as a child...and hope never to have to repeat the experience.

  5. And then fat finger chopped myself off before ]I'd said what a super description of Belgium and its France hands down!

    And i loved the franken crust!



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