Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy birthday 2011!

broadbeans (fava) growing in the garden in January...

One of the very best things about living in Corfu is the mild winters.  The climate allows for a year round growing season.

In November T planted broadbeans (aka fava beans), and cauliflower, onions and chard, as well as parsley, parsnips and beets.  (The first year we lived here we made the mistake of planting them in the spring, of course the poor things bolted and died long before they matured or else they just stayed in the ground hiding from the really hot summer sun.)

This month he'll plant potatoes and garlic. I am really looking forward to that harvest in the spring time.  Nature always gives us something marvelous to look forward to.

We are also looking forward to our planned vacation at the end of February.  (Yes we ARE odd.) We are joining my brother-in-law and his delightful wife on a trip to Turkey!!

The timing worked out perfectly all of us.  My brother-in-law has a birthday on the last day of February and of course, it's our anniversary on the first of March... so we'll have a double celebration!  As his business is landscaping, the timing is geared for his "slow" time.  But it works out perfectly for us as we have always preferred to travel "off season".

There are so many things to see and do in Turkey and our fortnight visit will, of course, only scratch the surface... still it will be nice to see some favorite places again and share them with family.

We lived in Turkey for about 5 years, back in the 90's, so it will be interesting to see it again with fresh eyes.

We have all booked our flights but I am still hammering out, via the internet, our details of where to stay, how we're getting from point A to point B (and where point B is exactly...) as well as trying to discover "moderately priced" domestic Turkish travel that doesn't include expensive airline tickets and taxi rides nor leave us exclusively at the mercy of hostels and no star hotels. (It would be nice to be making this trip as a much younger person!!)

For sure we'll spend some time in Istanbul and then we'll be getting ourselves to Izmir.  Somewhere in there we'll probably rent a car (tho NOT in Istanbul!)  and try and visit some of our favorite places with Izmir as the jumping off point.

Meanwhile, we got lucky with the timing and a good friend (who knows the house and its foibles AND can deal with them!) will be staying in our house taking care of Balou -who can't come with us- and our friend fortunately also knows how to "herd" our cats without losing his mind.    All in all, a win-win situation!

We will also be having house guests before we go...

- The previous "father" of Balou will be visiting for about a week in January
- and a young friend who will be working in Italy will come and stay for a visit on the January-February cusp.

This feels like the best way to start out the new year... looking forward to travel and friends while at the same time grounding yourself in your own back yard. (or "ground", as it were...)

There are other nefarious happy things in the future, which I will no doubt share as we get closer to the timing of it all but for now 2011 is looking pretty good!  So again, I say "Happy Birthday, 2011!"


  1. You're lucky with the mild winters in Corfu, even if it's really hot in the summer. Just looking at what's been going on in England, France and other parts north of you, as well as in some parts of the US (New York, the Mid West)must make you gratefulto be where you are!

    Planting your garden in November is really something! Good luck with all your own homegrown veggies, and a Happy, Healthy 2011!

  2. So pleased to hear you're making a trip back to Turkey. I don't know how much things have changed in 5 years. Somehow when you're living here you don't notice changes so much. Except of course that prices have risen, it's not the cheap holiday it once was. Of course you know that 2 weeks won't be nearly enough time to go everywhere that you want to. If you do end up anywhere near Milas or Bodrum you'll have to let me know...maybe we can find time for a coffee.

    I feel 2011 is going to be a good year...I hope so for all of us. xxx

  3. Cat herding is an important, transferable life skill. I'm glad I have years of experience. :)

    How lovely to have a garden already with promise, mine will be weeks and weeks before I'll even consider even planning it. Although, maybe, I should start some vegetable seedlings! Heh! See? I would never have considered that idea had I not read this post you've written, so, thank you!

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty x

  4. Happy New Year!!! I hope it's filled with good health and prosperity!



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