Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December!

And how time flies away from me!

T is currently winging his way to Chicago to have his eye fixed in the US as opposed to here in Greece.

It seems he may have another detached retina.  (ah genetics)

He had one in 2005, and had it taken care of in New Mexico, where I was at the time staying with my mother.  T had his surgery the day before Christmas 2005.

It would seem he'll be having surgery again at the same time of year- just six years later- in his other eye.  This time it will be in Michigan, and he'll stay with Oldest son and oldest grandson, in "all guy" splendor.  It's hard that we'll be apart for this as most of all the big things that happen to us we somehow manage to share. Still I know he'll be in good hands, both with his doctors and with his sons to take care of him.

I'm staying back here, to hold down the fortress of solitude, better known as Villa Methavrio. The dogs, cats and I will be carousing and living a high life for the next several weeks, and as a bonus we'll be keeping better notes in the blog!


ON another note, I am really amazed at how easy and free Skype is.  It's a shame it took me so long.   With next to no effort, and no cost at all,  I've managed to have several conversations with the Belgian family, (keeping updated on my cousins wife's surgery that took place the day before yesterday) and I just finished catching a quick update with my best friend while I lived in Turkey many years ago.  She's a brilliant painter now, currently living in Florida, and it was delightful to chat for a few minutes, albeit just as I'm about to go to bed and she's all perky, awake and organizing a party for today...

The greatest drawback is that I'm all self conscious I feel I look horrible on the small screen, and I feel very awkward  at seeing what I look like when I'm talking to people.   You can see yourself in a small corner of the screen and note what you look like during the call, and if you have any spinach on your teeth... (note to self, give up spinach forever.)  I find myself sitting up straighter and trying to make my hair look better, a hopeless task.  Mostly it makes me wonder what I look like to other people, like when I go to the store or something.  (I also don't recognize my voice!) This whole process is a sort of good news/bad news thing.


So that's it for today.  The puppies are telling me it's time to turn off the computer.  (they're SO bossy.)

G'night all


  1. Just caught this as I was about to switch MY computer off! I do hope T's surgery goes well. Eyesight is so precious.

    Enjoy your time with the livestock and and Skype to keep you company. I hate the thought of videophone. I'd have to dress up and brush my hair....

  2. Thanks for the kind words Perpetua, I just got a message from my son and he has arrived safely and seemingly without incident. He should be driving to Michigan this afternoon with my youngest son, and he has an appointment with the eye surgeon first thing on Monday morning. Fingers crossed all will be taken care of and he'll only have to put up with the annoyance of the 6 week recovery period and not anything worse!

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the animals to sit still long enough to have them visible on skype! (my laptop is portable but not as quick as they are... well. we shall attempt new strategies, i guess. perhaps a bribe of chicken bits...)



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