Monday, March 1, 2010

Love to faults is always blind...

"... Always is to joy inclin'd,
Lawless, wing'd and unconfin'd
And breaks all chains from every mind."

William Blake
Poems from Blakes Notebook (1791-1792) 'Love to Faults'

March 1, 1969...

I was 19 and T was 21.

The world was ours in all our ignorance and youth. Now it's ours with all our wisdom and age. (see? some things never change!)

Happy 41 years, dear one....


  1. Happy Anniversary Jes & T!! Congratulations!! What a beautiful bride...a handsome couple. The world IS yours!!

    What a beautiful post~~~

  2. Happy Anniversary , what a lovely photograph..
    Thank you so much for the award and the kind words about me and my little blog xxxx

  3. You look gorgeous! Sometimes we look at old wedding photos and can see hair and fashion trends, but your look is timeless and classic. You could walk down the aisle today with the same dress and hair.

    Many congrats :)

  4. Awww! That's just lovely!

    I'm honestly rather envious, but also so incredibly happy for you, especially for the fact that you both found in each other the love of your life, AND at such an early age! Plus you also have been blessed with all these years by each other's side.
    In my view, the two of you are very very lucky indeed.

    A Fabulous Anniversary is wished and armfuls more to come! Hurrah!

  5. Thank you all for the kind wishes! We've had a lovely day- in fact just got back from the beach watching the waves roll in (and take away the beach!) The dog was happy as she got to play with the stray that live there and we brought extra dog cookies for the "crowd".

    - Cheryl, I totally love William Blake and that particular poem has been sort of the underlying thrum to our marriage!

    - Wildernesschic, you are so welcome! you deserve all sorts of awards for creating that gorgeous home!! People should pay you to shop!!

    - CaliforniaKat, that was my senior prom dress!! I remember getting it in the pre-teen department for a grand total of $45.!! I found the same overlace (synthetic) at a fabric store and that's my headdress... For our reception we had coffee and cakes at a friends house (huge house!)near the church for all the guest and that was it! I think the whole wedding thing cost maybe $500. counting the catered cakes and champagne (which because I was not 21 my mother wouldn't let me drink in front of the guests!!!)

    - Kitty, I am so glad I haven't lost you!! I'm sorry about your idiot ex and the blog problems. (know that you are ALWAYS welcome to write as a guest editor on my blog! You cook MUCH better than I do...) send me an email (in the contact info on the blog) I will totally get back to you!

    hugs to you all- now it's margarita time in the jacuzzi... yeah, I know... but somebody's gotta do it!

  6. Oh Jes...what a lovely photo! And it sounds like you are having a lovely day too. Wishing you a very happy Anniversary and many more to come.

    Lots of Love
    Linda xx

  7. USA Failproof Cornbread recipe: One little Blue Box of Jiffy, milk, egg = perfect cornbread. (They use lard in the mix, you know!)

    A Virtual Margarita-Off for the summer! Brilliant! I'm there! And we can post pictures and comments on our Blogs! Woot! Might need to do several recipes we can all try a batch of, no worries, I have loads!

    (Working as a bartender, you had to stick to recipes which had already gone through ingredient costings since the quantities used affected the cost of the drink/profit margin.) You'll just have to get T to take a pen and paper when he next does a batch!

    Then Bloody Marys for the next morning! Oooh! I'm already planning in my head!
    (I seriously need something to look forward to, believe me)
    Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty xo

  8. You look fabulous! Such a gorgeous picture!



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