Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too much to write about

I have too much to write about. THAT must be why I have been feeling so ambivalent about the blog.

It's always about the first sentence and how impossible it is to narrow the field of life to a simple opening line.


We had a lovely anniversary day. We went to the beach at Glyfada for a long beach walk and watched the waves roll in. We took the dog and she was delighted to play with the friendly strays on the beach.

I took lots of pictures hoping for that 'perfect wave' shot.

Of course that means that I have seventy-five shots of either the split second before or just exactly after the 'perfect wave'. There were a LOT of waves yesterday.

T and the dog laughed at me and kept walking.

It still gave me a lot of pleasure TRYING....

We came back to the house after or lovely slog, and decided that a most excellent close to the day would be a small pitcher of margaritas and a soak in the hot tub. (Yes, as I've said before, "SOMEbody has to do it...")

As T has spent the bulk of the last 10 years here in Corfu honing his skills at making the perfect margarita, it was important for scientific reasons to continue to experiment.

Yesterday, I became convinced that he had attained his goal!

(Of course, in order for things to be scientific, that should mean there's a need for comparison and lots more tasting testing! Right?)

And so, not wanting to tempt the recent (and fairly successful)local police breathalyzer trap, we had a quiet evening at home. I fixed a batch of Shredded BBQ beef and we ladled it over some mashed potatoes. T fixed a salad and a fine "comfort food" meal was had by all.

This morning I woke up in time to catch the moon set. Sun and moon were just in synch- as the moon disappeared the sun rose. Lovely sky colors in both the east AND the west.

[I might mention, no hangover was involved in the taking of these pictures...]

Today I dabbled in baking. I put together a really good "first try" for an excellent cornbread with chili and whole kernel corn. Sometimes I just have a yen for a certain taste, but of course no access to the ingredients! So I make due and this time the flavors seemed to work. I will post the recipe, and pics after I do a little more fine tuning.

I also made my first ever Ciabatta or Italian "slipper bread". As it's cooling on the counter, I have no idea what it tastes like, so perhaps tomorrow I'll post the recipe... unless it tastes really awful. Then I won't.



  1. Oh well you dont have to write about this award but you have one on my blog .. I love Margaritas too xx

  2. This is so wonderful. I love the photos and I bet the cornbread is fantastic!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!


  3. Sounds like you had my kind of day/evening and I had to laugh about your wave pictures:

    << I have seventy-five shots of either the split second before or just exactly after the 'perfect wave'.>>

    This is what happens to me also. Wish I knew the solution.

    Looking forward to the ciabata recipe. I'm making crusty whole wheat (meal) bread today. The kind you need teeth for ;) Fortunately I still have all of my own.

  4. Jes. Isn't always the way with blogging? Either too much to say or not enough! I have the same problem.

    Your day sounds perfect...as does the food!

    Love and hugs
    Linda x

  5. What a lovely day - and lovely food and drink too!

  6. The BBQ shredded beef sounds absolutely divine and I could do with some right now. Wow. Yummy overload.
    I make perfect Margaritas, several kinds, no seriously, I do. Why pretend with false modesty? I will happily send T my recipe(s) because I also believe in sharing! Or maybe a Margarita-Off is in order? With requisite aperitivos and entradas?
    Hurrah! An excuse for a party!
    (Plus waving a drinks gauntlet is always fun!)

  7. Dear Wildernesschic-
    thank you so much!! I will try and do the award justice in a post. I love tequila. it goes so well with lime juice and salt!

    Dear Cheryl-
    The cornbread actually turned out better than I expected. Making it in the US is sooo simple- here on the other hand, it can be a challenge :Σ

    still it turned out surprisingly "ok!" so i'll post the recipe for your next taco night!

    Dear Miss Footloose,
    That wave thing is sooo annoying! I think i need a better camera... yeah!... no really the little 'sony cybershot' I've got, surprises me everyday with it's versatility (and the pretty good shots it takes!) It's the bloody waves that need to become more predictable!

    Well I'll post the recipe, but I don't know that it's the best one... I'm actually thinking of different ciabatta recipe that may actually work better... This one turned out nice but not as air filled as I wanted.

    Dear Ayak,
    Starting a post is always the most difficult thing for me.

    I usually have a middle or an end clear in my head.

    I have so many posts that are driven by the pictures... I have photos of things I wanted to write about but couldnt' get the post started nor the first sentence going, so those posts just never materialized!


    Dear Viv!
    Hello! Finally you had some sunshine of your very own! yay! that sounds worth a bit of celebration...

    Dear Kitty,
    I linked to my recipe (in the comments section of the post) It's great for making a vat of it and putting it on bread rolls as hot sandwiches or like we did, using it for a comfort food supper. (i buy the absolute cheapest cut of meat and nuke it in the pressure cooker, because -really- it's all about he BBQ sauce!!)

    A margarita-off~ what a perfect idea? we wouldn't have to surface for days... just wander about in a tequila induced haze... brilliant!

    The problem with most of T's recipes (see chocolate chip- oops oatmeal raisin cookie recipe) is that he is one of those kitchen tinkerers who NEVER writes things down so that if you need to duplicate what he's done, he's be hard pressed to repeat it!

    He just sort of goes on "instinct" and with margarita's his instincts always work. (with the fish he once tried to cook on the other hand, well, less said about THAT the better...)

    Party excuses aside, we should try a virtual testing where we all make up a batch taste it and write in our comments!

    Then NONE of us would have to worry about driving home...

  8. I'm so glad you had a wonderful anniversary :)

  9. Dear Lacey,
    Thank you, and I'm happy to see you've passed out your awards!

  10. I envy that you all live on Corfu! Such wonderful ancient history and hiking there...
    I wanted to go there on the last trip to Greece I took, but went to the Aegean instead. I think maybe your site might make me want to stop on the other side next trip!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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