Monday, June 28, 2010

Life and times and the water thing...

We spent a very nice weekend acclimating ourselves to our life here on lovely Corfu.

Nice view with a cold drink in your hand
On Friday we both went to the Golf course to hit some balls and try to practice our putts on the putting practice green.  As I haven't played golf for two years (torn meniscus) it was a bit of work remembering the eye hand coordination thing!  But T is a wonderful and patient teacher (he spent his adolescence caddying at an exclusive golf course in Bloomfield Hills).  He gave me excellent suggestions (not criticisms!) and I think, for the first time, I actually figured out how to chip on to the green without all the clutching up I usually go through.  Still I should probably practice a little every day in the front yard.  Besides it'll amuse the dog. 

Thank you thank you thank you
Anyway, had a nice cold draft beer afterward in the Course restaurant and encountered a charming Dutch couple who were also delighted to be living on Corfu.

relaxed toes...
On Saturday T went out with a friend of his and played an actual round of golf whilst I stayed at home and moved all my winter clothes into the new storage dresser (my grandmother would have been so pleased!) and took all my summer clothes and moved them into my bedroom cupboard.

Then I put my bathing suit on and lay under the umbrellas to read a good trashy novel! OOO what heaven!

Sunday we decided to go for a little tour and check out a hotel we'd never heard of, because our very good Athens friend is coming for a visit with his family in July and had booked arrangements to stay there.

beach is lovely and clean and has a lifeguard

It's gorgeous.

Grecotel Eva Palace is beautiful, in a brilliant setting with a five star view.  (OK, it's a five star hotel too.)  If the staffing lives up to the facility, I have a feeling they'll never want to go anywhere else on vacation ever again.


Today is a work day for T.  He has arranged for a digger to trench out a water line trench from the house to the pumping station.

He has purchased the rubber/plastic water hose as well as some galvanized metal piping to run the hose through, since the trench  crosses two roads and a driveway.

[that's so when the road people come through someday (in a galaxy far far away) to repair our roads, they won't slash through our water line.]

He's also hopefully getting a helper lined up, (who can speak a little Greek) and is coordinating our technical supervisor and plumber to make the actual connection.


Keeping a villa and demesnes (T being both Lord AND Serf) up and running here in Greece, is NOT all about lying in the sun and drinking margaritas. (blast!)

So, the story continues later this week when we actually see, when and if, all the players assemble on the stage right- or is that the right stage...

Until then, have a great day.  I'm planning to!!


  1. The hotel does look gorgeous, but your pool looks amazing too. I'd never leave!
    And you're right, living in Greece isn't all about lying in the sun &'s just that shortly after encountering a problem we have the option to go to the beach & lay in the sun with a frappe, at the very least. :)
    Have a nice week!

  2. dear cheryl,

    So true about options after the problems!

    you have a great week- and get some sleep!

  3. I do know the work involved, we had to replace a 1000 feet long water line several years ago. We live way off the main road! Of course I shouldn't say was my husband and two sons that did all the work.

    You have a very nice pool!



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