Saturday, June 27, 2009

First week of blog winding down...

And I only missed Wednesday and Thursday of writing the blog!

Life on Corfu continues with today being hopefully the "last" day of rain (we think) . T. and grandson have decided to play golf anyway. We have a lovely golf course 5 minutes from the house. When we bought the house it was one of two golf courses in all of Greece! Now of course there are many more on both the mainland and on other islands.

The course itself, doubles as a bird sanctuary in the winter time! (well in the summer too, as the birds come no matter what) Actually, it's a marvelous lovely course that is really only busy (and officially open!) May through October. rAs members, you can play all year round without the club "facilities", except the bathrooms and lockers for your clubs are available. The birds, terrapins and snakes are free of charge! It's built in a rather swampy area, which means that in the winter time you have all sorts of water hazards you never imagine in the summertime!

T. and I didn't play much the first few years we lived here, tho T. loves to play. We finally joined the Golf Club two years ago, and T. started partnering with different members. Now he has a pool of folks he can join with for a round should he wish.

This year we renewed our membership just before our trip to London, wherein I messed up my knee. Unlike Tiger Woods, I do NOT play through the pain. Fortunately the Manager of the course has allowed us to transfer my membership to my grandson, so he can play for the summer with T. I remain conspicuous in my absence.


Tomorrow we're having a birthday party for a friend, so I must clean up the house a bit. After a week of ignoring things I always am surprised at the vast amounts of dirt that somehow accumulates. How does this happen just by sitting in a chair???

I blame the dog.

AND the cats.

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