Tuesday, August 2, 2011

setting off the seagulls
Yes, I'm still out here in the virtual nether world... couldn't find any words to write sooner though. 

Not everything has been horrible.  Thank god my sons are there for me.  They have all been amazing, taking different burdens from my shoulders.

Rough week packing things up.  Had a few "wobblies", that's what I call them. They're just those moments that blindside you and leave you gutted. 

Cleaning out drawers, going through closets.  A lifetime in stuff.  Hers and mine.  (drawback of being an only child, with a slightly symbiotic parent-child relationship, I guess...)

All the little "bits" that each hold a story that makes me smile and remember.  Then finding an odd bit that can't be placed that has a story she hadn't had time to share... and wishing she could tell me the story.


Today, I needed to take a day "off".  I realized that - pretty much since the 11th of June I've not had more than a few hours break from being with my mother.  And the whole past week has been spent dealing with her stuff- yes, now my stuff.

So.  I went to the dentist, there to spend an hour getting my teeth cleaned and another hour and a half getting a few little things fixed.  (one more 45 minute session to go...) Still not bad for not having been to a dentist for a few (5?)years.

On the way out from the dentist I noticed a nice place to get a manicure/pedicure.  I decided that between the multiple broken nails on both my hands and the callus on my heels, it was probably about time for a session.  When I was finished I went to the grocery store next door and picked up the makings for a simple dinner. (I don't remember the last time I cooked a nice simple meal!)

I stopped off on the way home and had a light lunch and when I got back to sainted middle son's apartment I managed to do a few things, put the food from the store away, get a big glass of water, pick up a magazine and sit down in the "comfy chair".  I sat down and then promptly fell asleep in the chair for about an hour and a half. 

My next foray into excitement was to turn my computer on and play Angry Birds- a game, of course, to which I've become addicted (along with farmville...)

So now it's come to the end of my rather mindless day. (we had a lovely dinner, thank you)

Tomorrow I will go back and sort through more things and get as organized as possible for an up coming trip to Michigan on Thursday. 

We (using the royal we, as sainted middle son will be driving the rental truck, loaded by he and organized youngest son) will  take Oldest son gifts of a sofa, credenza, the desk, and desk chair, and a couple of other chairs and lamps.  I will be driving backup car filled to the gills with other stuff, following rental truck so we have a way back home to Chicago...

Interspersed in all this, sainted middle son's apartment will host houseguests while we are away, and so I will be interacting with new people as well.  They arrive Wednesday I think.  I will have to pack up my whole room so they can have a place to stay.


It would seem that this little oasis of a "do-nothing" day was wisely chosen...


  1. Your journal of your time with your mother has moved me very much.
    I felt it impertinent to comment until now, but I do hope that the time you spent with her will help you as you go on without her.

  2. That's not so bad. An hour or two in the dental office regularly beats the endless hours of pain, haha. Its good to hear you had a good weekend, even if it was a little busy. Be careful though, Angry Birds is VERY addictive, LOL.



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