Monday, June 29, 2009

Slow day Monday

So all things considered it's a slow Monday today, after the party yesterday. We had a great time. Of course I only remembered to pick up the camera after we'd watched Alexander open his b'day prezzies, and well after we'd eaten all the food and made a mess of the whole terrace and kitchen.

Well, I have one picture that includes the results of Roy's infamous "catsup gun" on poor T. (with some input from his "mustard bullet" as well... deadly weapon that!) He was not the only victim...

There was much splashing and spraying and bumping of people into the pool (including Sammy who went in first, still dressed! - Darling grandson did it!)

The pool and jacuzzi were much appreciated!

Alexander had a marvelous b'day. Ten of us all together, and I didn't have to do anything at all but make some blue cheese salad dressing! (now that's the way i LIKE to entertain!)

Peter and Terri were fortunately visiting here from England, and Dino came, tho he was called away by his cellphone on two occasions to deal with boats damaging eachother (he does the official evaluation of damage on sea accidents- for some reason those idiot boats just keep crashing into eachother, no matter what the day!) He had to leave early, tho he did get to have a piece of cake.
Anyway, for some after the feast it was a fast game of b'ball (on our odd sort of court)

for others it was a nice quiet snooze on the sunbeds...

ah, but for the rest of us it was a nice cuppa on the terrace in the shade.

all in all a day well spent.

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