Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pre-Thunderstorm weather has affected my brain

And caused me to start this blog. What am I thinking? Good question.

So. Today is Father's Day. We had friends stop by for a swim and a lovely lunch. [marinated shrimp grilled with garlic cream linguine. Not too shabby. The margarita's MADE the afternoon though.]

I suppose I will be mostly blogging about where I am- Villa Methavrio (which means day AFTER tomorrow, in Greek).

I am located on the island of Corfu, just outside of the village of Agios Ioannis in the pseudo-village of Vassilika. I have no fears anyone will find it, to harass me, as, on occasion, I still miss the turn 15 years on. And besides, there are no delivery people on earth who can find us.

Life here is wonderful for the most part. My blog title is a rip-off of one of the islands more famous/infamous inhabitants: Lawrence Durrell and his wonderful book about Corfu, titled Prospero's Cell.

I love Corfu, I love the people, the climate, the sea... every morning after 10 continuous years of living here, I still wake up in the morning and say "I love this place!"

As I have never maintained a "public" blog before, whoever finds this blog and reads it will be enjoying my experimentations as well as my blog posts.

Welcome to my world.


  1. I wonder if this is the same Villa Methavrio that my parents built back in the 1980s? It's certainly the right part of Corfu. If so, you're a very lucky man - such a peaceful beautiful place. May I ask, do you own it?

  2. yes it was built in the late 70's early 80's, I believe... we bought it from the original owners, John and Grace. (were they your parents? we only knew one son.)

    We've done a lot to the place to enhance what was already in place. We purchased it in 1997.

    we kept the name because it described perfectly how life moves here on the island.

  3. John was my father, Grace my step-mother. My husband Rick and I stayed there in 1984 on our own - the place was mostly built but not all the windows were glazed, there was no pool - no running water or mains electricity. Every day we'd walk across to the well for our water (watching out for snakes!) At that time the track was un-made and there were few other houses. We loved it! We returned in 1985 (again when John and Grace were in England) and took our children to see it in 1997 - must have been just before you bought it. I guess the son you met was one of my step-brothers - Spike. I envy you and hope you have many happy years ahead of you there.
    Regards, Viv

  4. John = my father, Grace = my step-mother.
    My husband Rick and I "camped out" there for 3 weeks in 1984 when J and G were in England. No mains water, no electricity, some windows, no pool! We walked to the well (look out for snakes!) everyday to fetch water. The track was unmade and there were hardly any other houses - heaven! We went back in '85 by which time it was considerably more comfortable (J and G were again in England). We took our children to see it in 1997, possibly not long before you bought it. (We were staying in the NW of the island at the time.) I guess the son you met would have been Spike, my step-brother.
    I envy you living there and hope you have many years to come.

  5. I'm sorry, I seem to have confused your gender! I should have said you're a very lucky person of the feminine persuasion.



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