Sunday, July 4, 2010

A delightful Saturday night

Last night we were in the mood for a long overdue Chinese dinner.  Fortunately for us, The Peking House in Ipsos was open!

We arrived around 8:30 and got a table with a fantastic view.

Szechuan Chicken

Cashew Shrimp
As usual we had a fine meal, prepared by a terrific, honest-to-goodness Chinese chef!

I had delicious crispy spicy chicken in honey sauce with sesame seeds.  I had a fantastic side order of real Lo Mein, a simple dish of noodles (I would have quite happily eaten for my main course- if I'd known!).

T. had cashew shrimp - though he was torn between that an his favorite familiar, Mu Shu Pork.  From memories of last summer he was sorely tempted, but managed to settle on the shrimp and cashews and was glad- as he now has TWO favorites...

We had a really lovely evening helped along by the impeccable service

and the quiet charm of the marvelous view.

Our meal was finished with a perfect Irish coffee- made with authentic care by the bartender who learned exactly how to do it, in Ireland!

OK- the car was moving...
We left happy and well fed. 

After the loss of the only other decent Chinese restaurant last year, we were so happy to know that the Peking House hadn't pulled up stakes as well!  (Here's hoping that a great show of visits will convince them to maybe try out staying open for the winter!  To all the locals reading this and longing for some tasty Chinese, please check them out, it's well worth it.)

So we got home and seriously thought about a dip in the pool...

Except we had an unexpected guest, who sort of put me off!

(T fished him out - and as he wasn't back this morning, we're hoping he's found another pool to bask in... and call all night long in his husky Leopard frog- voice [can we say "bullfrog"?], for his lady love!)


  1. Ooh I love it when you post pics of your meals does make my mouth water....and what a lovely table with a beautiful view. Sounds like the perfect evening.

  2. Oh Ayak it was really lovely. Just a perfect night, with the right companion and the nicest food. We took our time and talked and caught up with each other and everything just felt excellent.

    We really needed that kind of evening. The past few months of worry, stress and hard work have made us work in harness together but we did have to sacrifice a lot, to get through it all.

    (Not just in our time and privacy, but in our need to work in harmony, we both had to focus on the task at hand and move my mother, and relate to all the family stuff, and not think about things that were going on here in Corfu as well- ie the water, the potential pool problems, and god knows what other things we managed to fill our head with as we tried to drift off to sleep each night without worrying the other!)

    Glad you like the pictures, tho sadly the pics really don't do the food justice- it looked even better than this!

  3. If I were a local, they would have my patronage. The meals looked delicious and the views delightful! Hope the bullfrog doesn't invite friends! :)

  4. Dear Wanda,

    THAT's exactly what we are afraid of!

    It started the other night, with his big BRRRR-UP! We couldn't figure out what the noise was at first and when we did we kept laughing cause he was SO loud. Then it was the next night and the next night and though we jumped and then laughed when we first heard him, he just really kept it up.

    We figured he was lonesome and looking for friends (particularly LADY friends) and so we wanted him to go and find someone else's pool really soon!

    Fingers crossed he's migrated!

  5. Rather a fine looking meal there. Wouldn't like to have the frog. Bit too back to nature for me.

  6. Dear Madame,

    The meal was great, the frog not so much.

    Intellectually, I know I'm bigger and he'd probably swim in the other direction, but it was kind of creepy thinking about swimming and SEEing the frog at the bottom of the pool.

    (I'm sure frogs are in lakes when I swim, but you don't actually SEE them while you are splashing about.)

  7. What a fabulous evening. The foods looks and sounds scrumdiddlyumptious!

    I love frogs, so airmail him to me if you like! When we were in Mallorca earlier this year, we found a gecko in the pool. We fished him out but sadly he didn't survive. Half his tail had gone and our guess was he'd been dropped there by a bird of prey. I hope, for your sake, Jes, that Mr Bullfrog stays away now!

  8. Peking house is a wonderful restaurant. The owner is so friendly and attentive. The staff are friendly and curtious.

    The food is fantastic, no matter what you order the food is great the taste exceptional.

    I look forward to going again in a couple of weeks for my birthday meal.
    Well done Aris and staff keep up the good work



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