Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I think I must be the luckiest person alive.

I get to live in the most beautiful place AND I live with the best husband of 41 years anyone could find.

This is what I woke up to, this morning:

And he sang!  (we didn't tape that though... for everyone's sake.)

click to see it bigger
We had decided that we'd take a mini-vacation, leave the house around 10:30 or 11 AM, and drive to one of our favorite beach/restaurant to have one of our most favorite -but infrequent- little luxuries, lobster with spicy spaghetti.  The Avra Fish Taverna is about an hour away from us, in the south part of the island, near Lake Korission, in the village of Prasoudi.  It's run by Ilias and the food is wonderful. (I wrote about it last July too!)

rolled up plastic awning not sky

We arrived around noon and got our favorite table and ordered something thirst quenching. Then we relaxed and drank in the view as well.

As we'd planned on first going for a swim and a bit of lying around on the beach, they were kind enough to hold our table for us.

yes, I AM having a good day.
T went back to the car and brought our gear and we went down for a splash.

Avra Restaurant from the water
I got in first and the water was lovely.

[Lots of tiny fish in the shallows (no frogs though...)]

We rinsed off the salt water with the fresh water shower, and laid on our sunbeds long enough to get a little color. (or in T's case a nice eerie glow-in-the-dark pink) 

Though I popped up the umbrella, it was a bit barn door/horse, if you know what I mean.

The breeze was lovely and almost cool, though it was hot inland (32C/90F) it was delightful at the water's edge (27C/80F).
two lobsters (sofrito sauce) split
spicy spaghetti (sofrito)

 We both felt a few pangs of hunger and we wandered back up the stairs to our table.  Our charming waitress brought  us each another beer and our bread and the Greek Salad we'd ordered, and 30 minutes later, our lunch arrived.

It was SO good.  We left nothing but shells.  The sofrito sauce on both the pasta and lobster was perfect and spicy.

We had complementary watermelon pieces for dessert and a small piece of some absolutely delicious (and sadly irresistible) apple cake.  We left vowing to never eat again. 

and a lot of dirty napkins! it's messy eating all the lobster bits!
We drove back through the center of the island arrived home at 4PM, and took a nap.  Lovely little mini vacation day...

I'm hoping for more of them!!


  1. It does look lovely! All of it! Perfect...
    Happy Birthday again, you're so wonderful and I'm so glad you had a beautiful day. You deserve it! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  2. Thank you Cheryl!

    I am so lucky to keep having birthdays and sharing them with people I love.

    I wish you the same (tho without any bumpy parts!)

    hugs back to you/

  3. Happy Birthday! Your husband sounds amazing. And your lunch! Lobster and spaghetti is my favourite thing. What a lovely day xx

  4. You just had the most wonderful day, didn't you? Your life and husband are so very sweet!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. I can see you had a really brilliant day (is that place called paradise?), happy birthday from me too.

  6. Happy Birthday! Your DH sounds like such a sweetie :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Fantastic beach! Say, do they have sailboats for rent on Corfu?

  8. Dear Christina,
    Thank you! He is amazing. (also fun to be with!) The lobster memory is still with me today, it was so good!

    Dear Wanda,
    I DID have a most perfect day, and they don't come around very often. Still, as you know, our lives ARE what we make of them!

    Dear Blogaire,
    It sometimes feels like paradise- well until the water doesn't work, or the septic system collapses... but hey, you take things as they come! Ob-la-di, Ob-lad-ah.

    Dear Lacey,
    Thank you. I am really lucky, I know.

    Dear Eric,
    Yes, you can rent sailboats from the marina in Gouvia. (The bays, harbors and marinas are better on that side of the island).

    The rentals are mostly yachts that you can charter either skippered or unskippered:

    We also have a sailing school: http://www.marsbrookboating.com/training/yacht/europe/greece/cor0002/train.htm

    And for a smaller sailing experience:

    Or if you want something compact and functional, you can also hired a little speed boat for the day and make your way north to Agni to another mouthwatering fish restaurant [which I WILL write about this summer- I know!]. We've used:

  9. What an absolutely wonderful birthday...and well deserved xxx

  10. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Mine is usually spent in the rain and cold, in UK and in November.

  11. OK. it's been a week... i'm finally done celebrating my birthday...

    A new post - tomorrow!

  12. Dear Madame -

    It's sometimes VERY nice having been born in the middle of the summer.

    My mother - not so much though, as she keeps telling me (yes, she's 85, and apparently that'll be the last memory to ever leave her...) how awful it was to be in labor in the heat and no aircons then either, blah-blah-blah, etc.




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