Saturday, July 3, 2010

A random day out

So, today, when the idea came up of going for a little drive to Perama and a look in at the British Corner Shop, I thought, "what a great idea!".

This is one of the views on the way... (depending on the direction you take of course...)

As usual, I can always think of something I 'need' from the store, as there are many things they carry there, you can't find here in Greece normally. The best thing though is you can find packaging all written in English!  This is usually important for things that require the reading of the directions- I read directions.   And so we were off on our little expedition.

We thought that on the way back, since we'd pass a couple of nurseries, we'd see what sorry looking leftovers would be on offer (at hopefully reduced prices!)for our garden.  We had a few pots on the terraces that needed something, and as my birthday is coming up, I thought a nice new tree or some-such would be a good gift idea.  (Oh and we could stop at the little Sconto market on the way back and pick up some cream and sea salt.)

We were lucky and managed to find several things we needed at the British Store.  The nursery had several things we couldn't do without; and the little Sconto store stocked what we needed as well.  AND we stopped at a second nursery... the big one, and another little side of the road nursery just on the last bend of the road on the way home.

We found we'd had just enough room as the clever one of the two of us (not me!) "tetris packed" the car...

 Over the years we've discovered that the little Skoda we purchased 10 years ago, has hidden Tardis-like qualities.


but it was such a great PINK trumpet vine at such a great price!
My beloved toiled in the hot afternoon sun so all the new plant babies would be happy in their new home.  (meanwhile, I dead-headed about 1000 petunias!)

All in all it went very nicely.

my pink trumpets
Here's my new pink trumpet vine just outside my library door ...

two red petunia plants

And here are a few other lovelies that will fill out beautifully once they get some pot room (they were all root bound, poor things) and some water.

Some hot pink miniature petunias,


some day lilies

      and some tiny leafed basil....

Tonight we're going to Ipsos to see if the Chinese Restaurant is open!!!

I'll try and remember to take some good pictures of the food and of the restaurant and write a post tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes I'd give anything to have a British corner shop. Shopping here can be so tedious...trying to find substitues for ingredients for meals.

    When we lived in Selçuk there was a small British shop tucked away in a back street of Kusadasi, but it had limited stock...bisto, branston pickle and bacon mostly, and the prices were exorbitant. I know we do have some lovely food here but sometimes it would be nice to wave a magic wand and have a Sainsburys or Waitrose spring up before your eyes!

  2. OH YEAH. That's exactly how I relate to this store. It's not on the weekly shopping route at all- or even bi-weekly. It's expensive and it's also dependent on the whims of the proprietor and when he decides to reorder and replace things.

    But they do have things like ginger nuts and Roses' Marmalade, two things I am sadly addicted to...He is also the only one on the island who carries Splenda, which I also use quite a bit of...

    (There's even a wide range of Iceland frozen foods, meaning sometimes you can actually - at great expense- eat "just like" in Britain!)



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