Saturday, October 22, 2011

The return of the great pumpkin,...

Well, O.K.

This year our pumpkins were not SO great, but we had a fun time anyway carving them and being silly with our favorite substitute grandchildren.

Our friend, E,  who now lives in Holland comes to visit family a couple of times a year.  (we're extended family, particularly near Halloween!)

So T carved away, whilst the little ones designed their ideas and tweaked their finished product.

 There was great concentration and much ooh-ing and ahh-ing for the finished results.

I was not a participant as someone needed to document the proceedings...

[Meanwhile, Mr. Pumpkin Head is choosing to remain anonymous. ]

In spite of the weather periodically spitting and dripping on us, (there were bouts of sunshine as well) we all had a marvelous time.

The pumpkin family seemed content as well.

We got a little carried away with "costumes" as we had brought a "bag O' animal noses" back from the States, for everyone to try on, which certainly helped the festive Halloween atmosphere.

There was much silliness and miming of animal behaviors....

and noises!

really cute faces all around

Though as T mentioned, "An ornament finds its own tree"...                  

(And yes, it WAS a bad hair day...)         


  1. Fun Jes!! I love it. We didn't grow pumpkins this year, we haven't found any to buy either- although some of my friends have. We'll have a small party for the kids next week, our "3rd annual" !
    All of the pumpkins look great...well done! :):)

  2. That looks such fun!
    There was a pumpkin festival every year in one of the villages I lived in in France and it was always great to see what the kids had made of the carving competition.

  3. Lovely photos of a fun day!

    The supermarkets in the UK have shelves of pumpkins for sale, and not for soup, either. Halloween didn't really exist here when I was a child and was barely more noticeable when our two were young, but our grandsons have a great time. :-)



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