Friday, November 20, 2009

Day in the Life...

I am so happy to finally be settling in here. Still there are so many things to get used to again! Seems like there's an awful lot of driving one does in the USA.

After Corfu, this is a bit of a shock.

We went hunting, today, for some furniture and draperies for middle son- meaning of course, we spent some quality time at IKEA (in Schaumburg Mall) and walked about 4 miles through the interior of the store!!

We decided to drive to Oak Park for lunch, and found a nice place to eat there. Bar Louis is a nice comfortable place that serves a HUGE amount of food and calls it lunch...

The simple cheeseburger that made me reconsider becoming a vegetarian...

We then made a few more stops before finally coming home and putting our feet up for a couple of hours.

One always seems to be driving with the city always in view out of the corner of your eye.

I love the city but I really do forget how car dependent you can be here! Public transportation takes you into the city, but for the neighborhoods really need a car... unless you're just going to stay in YOUR neighborhood. Otherwise you really have to know how to get around to navigate the buses and the el. (I am not that good at it!)

You also need REALLY comfortable shoes because walking is what you do here, as you never find a parking space close to where you are going.


Finally we decided to get ourselves organized for supper. Middle son had a birthday date (hers!) with his lady this evening, so youngest son swung by the house, picked me up, and we went to his house for a very nice dinner.

Ah the concentration of it all!! My darling baby Gabriel -
SUCH focus! (on a balloon actually...)

I have settled into Chicago, but I do not feel very articulate. In catching up with my children, I am mentally filing away their stories and my memory pictures of them and all the while there's a little voice saying "Yoo- Hoo! The blog! Write something! Post pictures!" (which by the way I am doing courtesy of my dear middle son, whose camera I begged to borrow- as I cleverly left my camera on my desk at home in Corfu!!)

This weekend we'll be going to Michigan to visit my oldest son who has just moved into a new house. So again there will no doubt be disjointed ramblings when I return.

The blues remain the soundtrack of my life- so that hasn't changed yet.

I will update you all to one important fact however... The huge HOLE/ABYSS in the front yard in Corfu, is filled in!! T has managed to slog through the process fairly well and only parted with 2500 euro.

(I will post pictures of the process, when I return, as T has informed me he took photos from the roof - where he continued toiling to try and seal its little clay pot surface for potential problems, during the "great filling" of the abyss.)
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  1. Glad the trip is going so well. But it's exhausting isn't it? You sound like I feel when I go back to the UK. It's like a whirlwind takes over and transports you here, there and everywhere, and your brain can't keep up with it! It usually calms down after a few days I find...Enjoy yourself! xxx

  2. Oh Ayak, I am exhausted! But I wake up every morning at 5:00 and usually can't force myself to stay sleeping any longer.

    Everyone is so busy with their lives, and I am the "observer of their lives" who is just passing through.

    I know I will settle in, after a bit but the crazyness is sometimes so confusing.

    Sometimes the irony is that this WAS my culture, but so many years ago, so it's familiar, but again NOT familiar, and that is disconcerting too.

    sigh. At least children remain predictable and constant in their "being little children"!

    Thanks for the comment, and the encouragement!

  3. Hi Jes!

    How fun to be so busy, you'll come home and relax. Your grandson is so cute, you must be so thrilled to have time with him.
    So much to talk about here!
    I'm so glad that you're enjoying yourself:)

    Enjoy your trip to Michigan!

  4. Great as always to hear your experiences ... my blog is yelling at me I havent made a proper post for over a week .. just life sometimes xx Enjoy the children xx

  5. I love to hear about your new life in Chicago. It is so familiar to me that it brings back so many things. I know you will grow to love the city. It is like no other.

    But what a change from Greece! I wonder how much of Greece your children will remember.

    Like your music.



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