Friday, November 13, 2009

What I am looking forward to when I get to the USA...

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing my Chicago sons and their ladies.

Of course, I totally want to hug him, but I will have to wait until my darling baby grandson gets used to me... (he doesn't remember me, as I was there when he was born and again when he was a wee one who napped in my arms!)

I looked forward to reconnecting with now licensed (a learners permit! AHGG!) and driving grandson in Michigan, and of course, his father, my number one and firstborn son.

I look forward to dropping into assorted bookstores in the Chicago area, both new and used, and wrapping myself up in books again.

[As an ex-librarian, that is the hardest thing to separate myself from... all the books I used to have at my fingertips!]

I will relish the delights of whiling away several hours, just book browsing! I so look forward to the smell of new books in the big bookstores, and I relish the thought of the quiet hush of concentration in the used bookstores.

I have already got my list of books by my favorite authors, and I know which one's have just published their latest!

I am totally looking forward to seeing both the ever changing Lake Michigan and the amazing skyline of downtown Chicago.

I know it will be cold and blustery but that too has it own charms.

I hope I am lucky enough to catch the last bit of fall colours as it can be a most spectacular show in the Midwest of the United States.

I know I'll get a chance to roam around downtown, and I look forward to State Street and Michigan Avenue. I plan on doing a lot of window shopping (O.K., with a few serious shopping moments) but I know I'll enjoy the hustle and bustle on the streets and I really DO enjoy riding the El train into the "Loop".!

I know I'll meet my sons for lunch downtown. I'll walk down LaSalle Street and enjoy the marvelous architecture and design of the Art Deco touches on so many buildings.

I might even find time to leave the city and head out to one of those marvelous outlet malls, that seem like self-contained foreign shopping countries...

I am looking forward to seeing my mother again, as she will be flying to Chicago for a week midway through my visit. We will scope out a few retirement places and I am even (sort of) looking forward to it, though I know it will be difficult with my mother not really wanting to move from New Mexico, but needing to. The great news will be that my mother, myself and her grandsons, will be able to enjoy a bit of the weekend together and share a couple of meals all together as a family, and make some new memories.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

But I am not looking forward to the snow, which will certainly put in an appearance and inspire me to purchase boots and a warmer coat, so I can navigate in it!

I am glad that I have sons, as at least I will not have to shovel it away!

I am currently booked to leave Corfu this Sunday morning so I am guessing, what with packing and last minute things (like getting my hair cut tomorrow!), my next post will be from the USA, and lovely Chicago.

I will try to keep the blog updated on the fate of T and the large hole (or "the abyss" as we refer to it... not fondly.) I will try and post pictures and give you a view into what I am babbling about. Sadly, T is not too technical (hahahahaha) so there won't be any good pictures of Corfu for about a month.

Sigh. I will miss this my Corfu home but I have been blessed with many places I can call home!

[The "soundtrack of my life" is currently set on Chicago Blues Music. I hope you enjoy it. If not just click it off.]

POSTSCRIPT: I will also miss my beautiful and only granddaughter Alexa, who just turned 21 years old this month, BUT as she's living in South Carolina and going to University there, I won't be able to see her. She decided to spend Thanksgiving in Washington DC, before she knew about my visit- and I am happy for her (but very sad for me!!!) The good news is that of course, being in the US will make phone calls easier. Alexa will have her own post one of these days...

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  1. I can tell you are so looking forward to this trip...just as I was a few weeks ago. The time will pass far too quickly, believe me! Make the most of every moment

    Bon Voyage xxx

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful trip. I love Chicago...I miss it! I grew up only and hour's drive so I spent A LOT of time there. I can't wait to see pics because it's absolutely, hands down, my favorite city in the world. Going to indulge in deep dish pizza?

  3. Dear Ayak- I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and SO not looking forward to the "thing in the middle"... getting there!!! I know the time passes too quickly. [this whole getting older thing has seemingly speeded time up anyway!) I am planning to grab all the moments and hold on tightly!!

    Dear Cheryl, I will give Chi-town a hug for you. (but no bag ladies!)

    Yes, of course I WILL indulge in deep dish pizza and I will also have at least ONE Red Hot (Chicago style hot dog). I will probably eat some ribs and for sure some fantastic Mexican food as my sons live in the Humboldt Park/Logan Square area.

    After I have pigged out, I will try and stay on my healthy eating kick and try not to gain back all the weight I lost over the last 4 months!

    Dear Gaelikaa,

    I plan on squeezing every bit of wonderful I can get out of ALL of it!

  4. I didnt realise you had such a large family .. or the Chicago was so beautiful I dont know why I just always like New York but the buildings in Chicago look just as stunning.
    I hope you have a wonderful time home for thanksgiving :)

  5. I have never been to Chicago, just watched a documentary on Mayor Daley the other night, and of course I know the song about "..the cold windy city of Chicago.."
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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