Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A walk on the beach

So. For the last couple of days I have been battling a really impressive head cold. Mostly it felt like the head cold was winning. I have been coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose until I am bored with my existence. (Where does all that snot come from, anyway???)

Today, my dear T decided enough was enough. As I leave for the US a week from this coming Sunday, he sort of wanted to have better mental picture of me than a gooey blob surrounded by a drift of used tissues, coughing consumptively, and constantly saying "huh?" (ears are blocked). So he decided "we" would take the dog to the beach for a walk.

Balou loves the beach, she can run and run away from us and not lose sight of us. Then she can run back like a giant missle for a cookie treat or some water. [We always take along some water and a fold-up water dish which she appreciates now that she knows not to drink the sea water.]

Inevitably there are other dogs loose on the beach and so she has some dogs to play with - usually, they are fairly good-natured, though sometimes just a click up from feral! (This time there was a black shepherd type dog and a puppy with very big feet.)

Actually I had been looking forward to going to the beach again since the middle of October when the businesses finally take down the umbrellas and put away the chairs and the pedalos, and finally dismantle the "pay to enter" station in the parking lot for the main beach at Glyfadda. But as my mother was here and not really able to walk on the beach, we did other things instead.

The waves were running high and the beach was taking a pretty good beating! This is one of the biggest and most popular beaches in the summertime (and it's also packed with locals on kite flying day!!), so losing vast amounts of sandy beach to the autumn/winter storms hurts! Wet sand does however make for easier walking!

It was a gorgeous day to take the walk and we had a lovely time. The wind was blowing but the temperature was mild. The dog had a wonderful time AND she somehow managed to share some of her cookies with her new friends (not *entirely* her idea...)

Then we took a little ride and speculated on taking her with us the next time we go to Brussels. We thought we'd drive to Belgium instead of fly! (We did the drive once before three years ago, but not with the dog. We took my mother instead. We also took the ferry to Venice, but I fear that 24 + trip in a kennel cage, may be too hard on the dog, so we might have to go via Brindisi (only 8 hours) a shorter ferry boat ride; a longer - but more scenic- drive in the car.)

Anyway, we had a wonderful walk, (my knee didn't hurt once!) the beach was lovely and so was T.

I will certainly enjoy my time in the US, but I will miss Corfu like crazy!!!

So enjoy my pictures of the beach (click on them to make them full screen) and I sincerely hope none of you get this massively annoying head cold!

[Oh and there's new music on the little music player... I decided it was a Vivaldi kind of day.]
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  1. I'm glad that you're well enough to take a walk...head colds just plain suck.

    Your dog is gorgeous! And your photos are absolutely beautiful, the music is beautiful. I'm so glad I came by before I go to bed.

  2. Thanks Cheryl. It was practically impossible to take a bad picture with the waves and the sea so beautiful. (Plus I like to listen to the music on the little player while I'm typing, so I figured I'd change it to suit my mood...)

    Balou is a sweetie. (She's been sleeping next to my bed to make me feel better the whole time I've been sick. She thinks it's been good for me to have to step over this mountain of a dog scrunched up on top of my slippers for the last week.)

  3. Hope your cold gets better soon! Your photos are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely photos. Interesting to see Balou on the beach; our Bernese didn't actually like water and would go round puddles if he could, no matter how many times we told him he was a wuss! Did Balou go in the sea?
    Glyfada beach, virtually to yourselves, how wonderful.
    Get well soon!

  5. I envy where you live so much. You really are living the dream. I'm glad you got out and were able to get some fresh sea air. Hey---the sea has been one of the oldest remedies for colds for ages. Your dog is adorable and the weather and the water looks spectacular. I feel sorry for you that you have to come to the USA (I know, I know...the USA is fab--I'm just a bit down on my luck and am in negativity mode right now). Buy loads of fun America goodies you can't get in Europe and enjoy people not asking you a zillion times if you are a tourist. By the way, love the music on your site---such a fun way to experience a blog! xoxoxoxo--One of 365

  6. thanks Gaelikaa- it's now Sunday and I finally don't sound like i have a cold anymore! (feel like a wet noodle tho!)

    hey Viv! yes the beach was incredible AND empty. the dog does not swim, and isn't too fond of water tho she'll walk through it (and she LOVES drinking in rain puddles) she actually adores being out in the rain! thanks for the well wishes.

    dear One of 365, thanks for the comments! living here is obviously in some ways just like anywhere else, but when it's not, it's spectacular!

    i do sort of dread this visit, tho i'm looking forward to seeing my sons and grandsons.

    this visit is going to have a week -smack in the middle- wherein my mother will be looking at retirement homes in the chicago area in order for her to move there from the one she's currently living in, in Santa Fe NM. (the whole point is that it's just closer to a family who actually cares about her and wants to make time for her.)

    thing is- she doesn't really want to move. she'd really like it if the whole family just migrated to Santa Fe and lived happily ever after- in spitting distance of the retirement home and that we'd all become regular visitors (because we WANTED to). of course that's not going to happen.

    Having her in Chicago when we come back to the states for visits will make things so much easier. (particularly as we've been summoned for emergencies and it's generally hideously expensive and terrible connections and three days travel to get to her side!)

    usually when we do come to the states we need to make arrangements and always have to fly or take the train to Santa Fe and building that "detour" into a trip takes away from the whole visit - for everyone.

    I love santa fe. really. but in spite of living there (over the course of the 30 years she's lived there) for long months at a time, now I am living in Greece. i never put down roots there (except for the "family" of her partner!) and i just don't have a circle of friends to fall back on if we decided to come back and stay with her in New Mexico.

    whereas if she was in the chicago area we'd have all three of our sons and their ladies and kids available (as well as a few old friends who still remain after all these years!)

    she's 84, with her partner of 25 years passed on - many of her friends gone, and her partners 5 kids, their spouses, exes and children pretty much ignoring her existence, for her to stay there for familiarity of the city's sake doesn't outweigh the pros for moving to the midwest, any more.

    Anyway, that whole long blather was my side of the story.

    when i get to the states I must be sympathetic to her side but firm in helping her decide WHERE we'll be moving her come the springtime (and another trip back to pack her up and move her in!!)

    i do have to get some new clothes tho and I look forward to a mad day downtown hitting all my favorite stores (if their still around!)

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