Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two November Roses

They managed to stand up to all the weather we've been having - AND they smell Divine!

(the "heartbeat song" goes well with the roses!)


  1. They are so beautiful! I'm on your wavelength now. I was on Maria's with the snowy mountains and now you with the roses in a vase. Yes, I put some in a vase today and managed to take a picture of them because, like you, I'm so thrilled to have them in NOVEMBER. Mine are pink though...
    Beautiful. Lovely...and the music is perfect!

  2. Oh Cheryl, I just LOVE this rose (of course I don't remember it's name and the tag's come off!).

    T got this bush for my birthday a few years ago and it's finally come into it's own.

    The flowers are this incredible pink/orange tinged cream color and they smell sooo good!

    Anyway, I just had to share them. (it's nice to have something beautiful in your life when all the other things are crazy!)

  3. They have a strange loveliness and beauty!

  4. You need the roses to come up smelling of same after your problems with the septic tanks...thank goodness for the healing power and beauty of nature

  5. Dear Fly,
    You are SO right! (that's exactly what I thought when I posted this!) Still waiting on the last of the estimates to fix it. Bleh.



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