Friday, January 15, 2010

The case of the Mysterious Cinema Schedule

We have been going to the Orpheus Cinema since before we moved here.

When we first came for our get-away weekends, 15 years ago, we'd stay at a little place just around the corner from the movie house. It was an interesting experience back then as the theatre was sadly run down and in real need of renovations.

Well, the renovations finally came to pass and now it's beautiful! For us, since we live out of town, it's a 15 drive into downtown. The theater itself is quite easy to get to and it's still not "too" expensive. (Of course we have to find a place to park, but depending on the night and the movie, that's not too hard to do, either.

Over the years we have had a hit or miss relationship with what currently might be playing at the cinema.

There would be weeks we'd drive into town, slowly cruising past, in order to try and read the indoor "showing times" sign. Or perhaps we'd find ourselves downtown, and check the movie house direct or even on some occasions, look at the ONE "now playing" movie ad poster near the department store near the old town. Mostly though, it would be friends who would mention they'd seen "thus and such" and did we manage to get to see it as well? At which point we'd kick ourselves as that would have been the week we'd not gone into town.

But now they have a website (click on "home" for the schedule of films AND the time!) and with the miracle of google, it can even be translated (tho sometimes with some humorous and unintended misses) I only found out about it last night at the movies as it was advertised on the wall next to the screen.

Last night we had a "date night", and in the grand tradition of simplicity, we were infinitely down-market.

We drove into town early to take care of a couple of errands (bank, post office), parked in the lot and then we went to the new improved McDonalds on the Liston, which has just undergone a two month facelift and though it looks more streamlined, is much less like a restaurant and much more like a McDonald's. Still there are no giant golden arches to mar the looks of the Liston.

For sure, the double meat cheeseburgers were just as good as I remembered! and the last one I had was at least 6 months ago! Yes, I know it's totally politically incorrect to enjoy a McDonalds hamburger, but once in a while, I do.

When we first came to Corfu, we were delighted to be able to tell our friends that there was no insidious McDonalds to be found on the island. Immediately after moving here, however, one was constructed. I looked on it as fate, and made a point to visit at least once a year (but no more than 3 times a year!).

After our dinner we slowly made our way to the cinema for the 7pm show of Sherlock Holmes.

It was great. We enjoyed it immensely. I'd read some reviews before I went, just to give me an idea of how it was received. (the same range shows up on the Sherlock Holmes Society website! view results of opinions...)

We liked the movie much more than we expected to like it. It's been years since I've read all the stories, but in many ways the other movie versions (and of course the wonderful Jeremy Brett's portrayal by Granada TV - 36 episodes and 4 films in 6 series from 1984 to 1994) had fixed the character in stone.

Robert Downey Jr. broke the mold and I think, and his characterization went back to something closer to the original in the Arthur Conan Doyle books. Downey's Sherlock Holmes (see Weapons and Marital Arts) was a much more physical Holmes, but nevertheless within the range of a younger Sherlock. Jude Law's Watson was wonderful, and much more human that any portrayal on either TV or film. The two characters enjoyed each other and and the same time drove each other crazy sometimes. Still they were friends and they shared some great moments of humor together. The only real "sign of the times" with this movie is the violence and the special effects. This is not a 'drawing room mystery' movie.

Afterward we slowly ambled through the park downtown back to the car park in front of the Liston. It gave us just enough time to remember all the highlights and great lines with some laughter. All in all it was an evening well spent.

I would recommend it, as both T and I found it a very enjoyable movie that was good escapist fun.

So. That was our low key evening adventure but just a little bit of normal life here on Corfu...

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  1. Hi Jess, I found a good website last year (in Greek) It's run by a local guy and it lets you know upcoming events. They have a page for the cinema showing the trailer of the film thats currently playing. Lizzie xx

  2. Great resource, thanks Lizzie! I tried it with google-translate and everything shows up "pretty much" in English!

    Google-translate also shows the Orpheus Theatre website in English and on the 'Home' page it lists movies for the month (for instance the current page lists the coming attractions through mid February)

  3. Sounds like a really good to look out for.
    I own up to loving McDonalds. Before Mr Ayak went away last year we went to the one in Bodrum. I can't wait for him to return home so we can go again!



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