Friday, January 1, 2010


For the sake of old times, I suppose thinking about New Year's resolutions is a good idea. Any resolution I have made for the new year has generally been easy to keep, as I had pretty much decided to do that thing anyway. [For instance: the year I decided to quit smoking, I'd already had a two month "trial" period wherein I HAD actually quit smoking, thereby making it much easier to fulfill the terms of the resolution, as I knew I could do it.]

This year I think I will need to actually think about what it is I need to resolve (whoa! OK, limiting it to a few things I may be able to resolve) and accomplish this year while at the same time maintaining a level of well-being I will enjoy and appreciate.

I am guessing this will play out over the next few weeks. I am not rushing into just any fly by night resolution! I sort of like the idea of choosing a physical resolution, a mental resolution and a spiritual resolution. (Except of course I can think of eleventy million physical ones and NO mental or spiritual ones right this minute.)

So. Thinking cap is on... project 'figure out the resolutions' is on the drawing board. (I am open to suggestions!)


Meanwhile, our Blue Moon evening was delightful. We danced to good live music, and had a meal with good friend and neighbors and toasted the new year in with much enthusiasm.

This morning we woke up without a headache! I can only say "Yay!" and really mean it.

The moon last night was lovely!

We got dressed up and enjoyed ourselves. This is the first time in two years I have actually "danced the night away". My knee behaved and I only have a few little twangs to remind me of last night.

Today I made a turkey and a potato-spinach mash for our holiday lunch (with friends coming later this evening to enjoy a cold turkey and leftovers meal as well!) I made a lovely apple pie... unfortunately we cut it up before I took a picture of it... whine. (But at least you have an idea...)

Last but not least it rained for a while but just before our friends arrived it cleared up with big gusts of wind and suddenly the sun broke through, and we had a marvelous rainbow to launch our new year!

For what it's worth, I'm taking this rainbow as a sign. It's going to be a good year... because I really want it to be!

[Our friends arrived just as I was about to finish this entry. They've only just left which is why I am finally finishing this post a little bit late! I couldn't very well say "Excuse me, I'm writing a blog post about you coming by, and I need to finish it!"]


the soundtrack of my life remains the same - we still have a blue moon and I'm still singing along with Elvis...

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  1. I'm generally not very good at resolutions but I do need to eat more healthily and stop taking in stray that will do for now.

    The blue moon looks lovely and glad to hear you had a good time.

  2. I no longer do NYRs As I'm practically perfect in every way.....hem.
    However, I am determined to do my best to get more out of each day and to get out more each day. To this end I'll be setting the alarm clock once more (having switched off the wretched appliance when Rick retired at the end of October); If I'm up before anyone else I should be able to do some writing every day. Maybe we'll get a dog....though we can't agree on a breed at the moment.
    Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jesica! x

  3. Sorry, Jessica, not Jesica of course!

  4. I'm sort of toying with "quality of life" type resolutions... not sure how it's going to come together. I DO like the idea of getting up early and dedicating time to write tho. (of course it's a rare day - really- where i sleep past 6 am. I'm doomed to rise early.

    I also like the idea of eating healthily. I pretty much do that- well for the last few months anyway since I've been seeing the acupuncture doctor for the weight loss (OK, with the exception of a few short tumbles off the wagon when I was in the US! ah the memory of ice cream...)

    Anyway, I wish you a very happy new year dear Viv and of course to you also dear Ayak. Thanks for the input.

  5. I make evolutions instead of resolutions. Evolutions are where you resolve to keep doing what you already do but do it better.

  6. Dear Lee,

    What a lovely thought! Also makes you feel like you're moving forward instead of struggling in the same place.

    Well...unless it's resolving to fall off the wagon and eat more ice cream- which I could do without any hesitation.



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