Monday, January 4, 2010

A few resolute New Years suggestions...

Well, I'm narrowing things down in my mind, from a vast course in self-improvement to wider, gentler, more generic overview type suggestions of an improving nature. So far, after picking the brains of many OTHER bloggers (I've been catching up - slowly-slowly with my vast backlog of blogs I enjoy) I've narrowed the field.

So, I think I have found a few things that may work for me. To date, these "suggestions" (or "evolutions", thank you Lee!) are seeming to resonate within:

- Laugh more - (but try for less cynically)

- Embrace change and the unexpected (re: when it comes from my mother)

- Bake things I've never made, like cream puffs and custard tarts -and try not to eat them all

- Dance way more - shoot for maybe about 15 minutes/day with the headphones and my clever little SanDisk player.

- Go to places that make me feel happy.

- Eat only when hungry, not when curious or bored.

- Spend time with people I really like and less time with people who make me anxious or drained [note to self: Interact more with people.]

Interspersed in there as well are the "suggested resolutions" pushed forward by my tedious conscience (that interior hall monitor with the stern look over the half glasses, and the impatient tapping foot) ie:

- JUST GO THROUGH the bloody boxes, already; yes, in the box room- the ones from our last move ten years ago!
a) speaking of boxes- go through the boxes and look for photographs that are loose and do something with them.
b) (do not burn unflattering photographs of self)

- really clean the kitchen [especially the bookshelves and all the italian tiles behind everything]

- meditate on nothing 15 minutes a day (head off neurotic mind squirrels with Dalai Lama "OM" on SanDisk player!)

- go through the Learning Greek Textbook and listen to the CD's again. (well, give it a shot anyway!)

As for any other things that are needed for self improvement, if I manage to accomplish any of the above I should be well ahead of the game.


Meanwhile, I lifted a great family Christmas shot from Facebook after perusing the Christmas albums of my son and granddaughter:

a great gathering including all the usual suspects. Missing, of course, is us! (boo-hoo)

... then there's this great shot I couldn't NOT include...

and this one with the 'lion king' obviously taking orders at the restaurant:

So. Peace and resolve to all til the next post...


[re: 'Soundtrack of my life' and i are currently disagreeing so the only soundtrack I have, are the voices in my head (my HEADPHONES, ok?)

Perhaps we'll manage to reorganize ourselves and insert mixpod back again, but currently it's suspended as it's choosing malaysian music which i am not so fond of...


  1. Peace and resolve to you too. I have taken great pains not to make any new year's promises out loud. Just whispering to myself: less eating silly fatty & sweet things (chocolate), less drinking wine, more exercise, sending my work to agents more, more blogging, more positivity. There!

    Thank you for your inspiration.

    Helena xx

    Helena xx

  2. Happy New Year to you dear Helena! I wish you well in your quest for annual perfection! (less chocolate???)

    I think this will be a good year for the positive, as with so much negative around us all, the only way out is up!

    You have been an inspiration since I first started the blog, by the way, and I thank you.

  3. Let me know when the custard tarts are ready...

  4. Sorry Lee, I've been told you have to get in line as my best friend wants me to make them like in Singapore airport, (AND in many flavors) so she can eat vast quantities, and my husband just wants to "try" a few, as he remembers from past business trips "they were quite tasty"...

    I don't think I'll worry too much about overeating THAT batch- if fact I'll be lucky to grab one before they're gone!



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