Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everday humdrum.

It seems like a long time with no post.. when in reality, time speeds past in my little everyday world!  I just realized that I haven't posted since Friday.  With the non-events of my life piling up I would think everyone would be grateful I haven't posted anything!

Still everyday, I have this feeling I should be writing something, no matter how boring and humdrum my existence may actually be, it still seems like I should be clever enough to think up a post!  I wonder if I am all clevered out.

Currently I am "cold".  That is a relative term, as the sun is shining and it's quite gorgeous outside.  I have on my special purchase (from Chicago) - hand made "mittens" - so I can type and keep my hands warm at the same time! (I got them from Shebang, my son's lady's place of business)

These, plus my son's 'skater' (foursquare outerwear) jacket (I have merely borrowed - indefinitely) and my faux UGG boots from Cosco, seem to be the major fashion statements I am making this year.

Today was also the day the gas truck visited to make a deposit in our giant propane repository behind the apothiki. It would seem that either we didn't use as much fuel as we thought or the price went down since last we had a fuel visit. 

We are delighted and will no doubt frivolously spend the leftover heating money on food.

I note that thus far I have not included any really NICE pictures of Corfu, so I will add the view from the driveway:  snow capped Pindus mountains. (This is a very nice picture blog by some people who walked the mountains- I do not know them, but I recognise some of the places they photographed)

In spite of it being winter (and me being cold) the yard is filled with different blooming plants, apparently unaware they are supposed to be sleeping through the the season.

I will finish with a selection of blooming things all over the garden. (yes that can be taken two ways! and no T will not be included in the garden pictures... tho he's out there, currently hacking through the over and undergrowth...)


  1. So much colour! Lovely to see. Spring seems a long, long way from here.

  2. I'm a bit blogged-out at the moment. I seem to be writing about trivial stuff..must be the time of year.

    I'm also cold at the moment and spending as much time as possible outside when the sun is shining. Turkish (and I suspect Greek) houses aren't really built for warmth.

  3. Dear Viv,
    It IS nice to see the color and it does affect the way you look at the world I think. I remember when I lived with gray skies and snow, it did affect the way I related to people and things.

    Dear Ayak,

    It must be cyclical, this blogging thing... like how you feel like reading or writing poetry in the springtime- conversely in the winter you feel like letting your brain go dormant.

    I agree with you about Turkish (and Greek) houses. They're designed to maximize feeling cool in the summertime, NOT feeling warm in the winter!!

  4. I'm always freezing in my home in the winter...I'm freezing now and your gloves look fantastic for typing!!
    Great purchases by the way.

    I hadn't seen this until now and last night I just posted photos of a few flowers and other things on my blog. I'm in a blog dry spell. I'm stuck.
    And, today I can't get into facebook!!! it keeps telling me "oops"...ugh.

    Have a wonderful day!!!



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