Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Date night in Ipsos

So we live in a vacation paradise! I suppose on occasion we should take advantage of it all...

Dinner at Ipsos seemed like a good idea. We were looking for a good Chinese restaurant since our old one Chilies and Chopsticks seemly vanished from sight. (now it turns out they may have just moved... it's the "where" part we're still flummoxed by...)
Of course, because we live here we also have to combine the practicalities...as we need sheets and towels for my mother's visit and since there's a great sale going on at Bed and Bath., well, we had to take advantage of 50% off! [Needless to say, it's totally impractical that you buy ANY of the sheets offered at 50% off as they would blind you or at least make you think you'd been attacked by the strawberry people. (really horrid designs...)]

Still they had some lovely other sheets on sale for-naturally- a smaller percentage off, and so, they are under consideration.

We found out something really interesting and Greek-like: if you buy sheets there, you bring the size of your bed and they TAILOR the sheets for you! (No charge! you just have to wait a week while they send them to Athens...) So we're considering the purchase of sheets and a duvet cover for the bed my mother will be staying in when she comes in October. The only sheets I have that fit that bed are over thirty years old and not in terribly good shape. (Actually-sigh- MOST of my sheets are over thirty years old!)

So from there we drove on to Ipsos. As we drove in looking for the restaurant (The Peking House) we passed my favorite car rental agency on the island-- no not because I would ever rent a car from them, but because of their wonderful name!!! The Bambooza Car Hire company- I wonder if their motto is "car hire you can 'almost' trust"??.

Its name, unfortunately, to me sort of calls to mind either bamboozling which in American English means "to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; synonyms: gyp, dupe, trick, cheat, swindle", or else, drinking a lot and crashing.("boozer" or "booza"- the bam at the beginning, boding ill for the fate of the rental car!)

[Truly the company has been around for a long time and I understand from people who write on the Agni travel site that they are very reputable. It's only me, (well OK, T laughs too) who for years has gone past that sign and cracked up...]

Anyway, we had a lovely meal at the Peking House and really enjoyed being out and about with all the tourists.

For sure, the table couldn't have had a nicer view! It was also quite lovely and cool with the breeze off the sea. The best part was that, for our old and jaded hearing, the choice of music was excellent: Nora Jones, and the like made it kind of a nice bluesy background instead of the standard hard rock and just a 'little too loud' option in many places.

All in all an evening well spent.

(sorry for not having pictures of my Singapore noodles and Crispy Honey Chicken, or T's choice of Mu Shu Pork, but we were honestly so charmed by our environment, service and meal, that I forgot to click!)

By the time we finished dinner it was dark and the Ipsos strip was lit up and starting to belong to the " night life people"!

We still had a good time an a little walk along the sea before we went home to the dog. (sadly for the dog, there were no leftovers.)

I really hope we get another chance to go to the Peking House before they close for the season!


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