Wednesday, August 11, 2010

avlaki sunset

avlaki sunset
Originally uploaded by truestarrus
Well, this is the lovely Avlaki sunset at the birthday party (see previous post.) I would love to post all the other pictures, but if I do each one will have to be a separate post, that comes from Flickr's website (with the proper fanfare) and they give me a tiny box to "text" my photo descriptions in. OK. it's almost a blog post... Fun.


Unfortunately Flickr's new policy seems to fight with Blogger's old policy, as I can no longer post a picture URL from Flickr anywhere without also posting a track back to them at the same time. Blogger obviously hasn't a clue, and there is no way to do it. So. No more photos til I figure out ANOTHER photo solution... sigh.

WHY are computer things so frustrating and contrary? (yes dear T, they frustrate me too.) [that previous parenthetical phrase *should* be in italics...]

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  1. What a lovely sunset. Hope you can post more photos somehow.



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