Saturday, August 28, 2010

Music night: Agiofest (part one...)

Last night was the first of two nights of Agiofest.  Yes, our little village has a real music festival! 

Sort of.

There were a lot of problems last night ... Gate opened at 6, but the first bands didn't start playing until 9.  Unfortunately even then, the musicians were plagued with electric power outages and a problem sound system.

the Good 'ole Boys and Gemma
Much sympathy for the performers and the folks who did the organizing. 

Unfortunate for those of us who'd paid money for the tickets.

 Still when things worked it was enjoyable.  A bit like the Corfu open air movie theatre called Φοίνιξ  (Phoenix)

Dogs, children, teens and parents (and a few grandparents!)  all sitting in plastic chairs, chatting and tapping their feet or dancing on the grass.   Pleasant.

Here's the line up for tonite:

Saturday 28 August
6.00 pm - Doors Open - Food, Refreshments and Memorabilia Available
6.30 - Laura Zakian
7.30 - New Faces including Sonia Grammatikos
8:00 - 4Square
9.30 - Joe Brown and his Band
11.00 - An Element of Surprise

Yes, Joe Brown is performing here, in little Ag Ioanni!  (well, if the sound system and the electricity holds together...)   

I can only hope "An Element of Surprise" is the name of a band and not another power outage...

We left around 10 for Gouvia marina where we looked in on our friend Roy's band

They were on a roll and played some great blues!

After the first set we greeted friends praised the band and then said our goodbye's in hopes that problems had been sorted at Agiofest.

We went back to finish the evening (ok- the rather LATE evening...)

I look forward to this evening.  Better times ahead!


  1. Aw it's so disappointing when things don't go to plan. I can just imagine the horror the organisers were going through!



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