Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tis' a tough life, being a cat...

this one "likes" birds
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My cats have such a difficult life. They eat twice a day and go where they please all day long, then sleep in their little individual beds every night.

this one always brings me snakes
They never rarely catch mice, though they do sadly catch birds- usually pretty ones- and (lucky me) they bring me gifts of 'almost' dead snakes.

I keep trying to explain to them MICE. CATCH. MICE.

They keep looking at me as though I was saying "Jump in my lap", or "Speak Japanese!"

I love my cats but sometimes I think I'd rather be one.


  1. Of course. Anyone who is owned by cats will agree to that! Meanwhile I love being in servitude to them.

  2. And sometimes I think I'd rather be one of my dogs. Fed twice a day, spoilt, being able to shout (bark) at anyone who passes by....usually when I'm asleep. And then of course they sleep when I'm wide awake!

    I love cats too. Until I had Beki we always had cats and dogs together..but unfortunately Beki and cats just don't mix.

  3. So it's not just me, is it?

    You reminded me of something I wrote some time ago about my envy of our own cat's hedonistic lifestyle:

  4. Dear Lo,

    I love my cats too, except when they become so inscrutable they drive me crazy.

    I think they're really little cat psychologists running experiments on us humans, not for any great result, just for the fun of it!

    Dear Ayak,

    Of course I'd rather be one of my "pets"! I put that in quotation marks because sometimes I think I'm THEIR pet! (they've taught me how to do a LOT of tricks...)

    Balou (the Bernese) is a big teddy bear now, though when we got her she'd had only hunting experiences with cats. It took about three weeks to acclimate her.

    Fortunately both cats had grown up with our other dog, so they had no intrinsic fear, just a complete sense that THEY owned the house... AND the yard (and possibly whatever was in any food bowls on the ground... and of course anything that fell on the floor under the table... but ONLY if they wanted it and if they didn't then it was for anyone else.)

    Hey ho dear SHe,

    It was your post that reminded me of the Far Side cartoon (which of course is no longer at that URL that I posted in my comment to your post!)

    You wrote MUCH better than I, about the nature of cathood (or rather the nature of "owning a cat"-hood)

    thanks for reminding me of your great post!




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