Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Flowers!

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, yesterday it was the big and quite surprising (to me anyway) 6-0.

My cousin called me yesterday from Brussels to tell me they sent me "something" for my birthday. We had a nice chat but they wouldn't tell me what they'd "sent"--- I guessed it might be flowers.
All day we waited in vain.

I told T, that if they sent a package from Brussels, we'd probably never see it... while if they sent flowers, we maybe had a chance.

So the day progressed and eventually we left for our dinner reservations at around 7:30 pm.

This morning I receive a call from a man who identifies himself as being from a florist not too far from here (Rizo's):

(angrily with strong Greek accent!) "Why you not at home last night?! I call four times, and no answer!"

(honestly, I felt like an errant wife!!!)

I reply: "because it was my birthday and I went out to dinner... why didn't you call earlier in the day!?!"

He conveniently ignored that question and continued:
(in a tone that said "don't lie to me!") "why you not home when I call. I call FOUR TIMES! It's Anniversary! Ne! On the card it say."

I said "no, 'bonne anniversaire' in French is 'happy birthday'."

then he boomed out a big laugh like it was all some big misunderstanding...and said he'd be over to deliver it right away ???? and asked for directions to the house.

So I gave them to him...

es. I often feel, I DO live in an alternate universe...

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