Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Bastille Day! (or Fête Nationale)

I liked the color of the flowers with the light dappled through the shade on the patio.

Must do a bit of closet re-organization today. I opened an overhead cupboard- to get out a blanket for T.'s drinks cooler- over the weekend and a cascade of sheets towels and blankets showered down on me, like a bad Marx Brothers film.

As we were short of time - what with guests coming and all- I stuffed everything back in as best I could and firmly slammed the door on it all.

However the reckoning has arrived as I now have to put the genii back in the bottle, so I am guessing it will be me, the short ladder, and the refolded linens at play, for this morning, anyway.

My young cousins Jenny and Benoit from Brussels are coming for a 2 week visit in less than 10 days and grandson's visit will be overlapping by about 5 days, so I must get things organized for the changing of the bedrooms. Or rather the moving of grandson from guest apartment downstairs, to guest double bedroom upstairs.

Great news in email from Jenny yesterday, she's pregnant! (note to self: really REALLY hope she didn't inherit the "I can't stand the smell of food" type of pregnancy more well known in our family...)

It will be good that grandson and cousins of alternate generations meet and enjoy each other. Jenny spent more time with my traveling middle son, who came back to visit after he graduated from university. Oldest son (grandson's father) met Jenny in the late 70's, when Jenny was 2 so she probably doesn't remember him too well.

Ah, it's time to get on with the day, and stop playing on the laptop!

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