Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Round-ish fruit season begins

The bees are humming...
It looks like the pears are due any day!

The thing about pears is, they're hard as a rock day after day after day and suddenly one morning the whole tree is RIPE - right now!! and all the pears are all falling on the ground and turning to mush.

So I've bought the fresh ginger and the sugar and I'm getting ready to make the ginger pear jam and compote that all my friends love (IF I manage to part with any of it...) We'll see how much I have patience to do this year!

The figs,

and apples

and plums are all doing well

and we have a GREAT potential harvest of grapes. (You never know with grapes though til the last minute!) We're going to try to make our own wine, this year. If that fails we'll make our own vinegar! (You just have to be an optimist about these things...)

So the day begins on this humid sunny morning. Today is going to be a hot one...

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