Friday, July 3, 2009

Mayhem in Agios Ioannis!

Last night some Ropa Valley gypsies stole a watermelon from the supermarket at the village traffic lights. Alekos caught them at it and harangued them in his inimitable manner. They left, but later thirty of them returned, armed with iron bars, and proceeded to wreck completely the Spider Bar and to attack the customers, ten of whom were injured with two still in hospital. Of course the courageous police did not arrive until an hour later. Now more than a hundred local residents are blocking the intersection, demanding that action be taken. No traffic can pass in any direction. However, fearful that they might be accused of discrimination, it is unlikely that the “politically correct” authorities will move against the gypsies, but they will probably prosecute the locals for obstruction.

[Clicking on "Mayhem in Agios Ioannis" will give you the story in Greek with two video's of raw footage of the hoopla.]

The main east west road for the island was shut down for three days as it goes through Agios Ioannis. There were police cars at either end of the village to deflect traffic via alternate routes.

This story was taken from The Agiot in the 'news' section.

UPDATE (next day from The Agiot):

Things are quieter on the Western front this morning, as a continuous yet discreet presence of Police patrol car and/or motorcycle settle themselves into the area known as Bay [Minimarket and Spiderbar junction], to guarantee-we hope-no more incidents as previously reported.

These patrols have even extended into the plateia


Today has been a quiet day at Bay, with police still in attendance.

However,yesterday a passing gypsy hurled abuse at the officers, and was chased down in his vehicle, arrested and hauled off.

Taken to the D.A. who immediately ordered his release.??!

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