Sunday, August 9, 2009

As we contemplate the rest of the summer...

We find ourselves, now that we've stepped off the merry-go-round of entertaining friends and family, (for a while anyway)our same old boring selves, shuffling about the house, forgetting where we've left our reading glasses, napping in the afternoon.

Ah, what bliss!

As I opened my emails, I notice that sent me a little blurb on "Darby and Joan"- I can't help but resonate with the serendipitous epiphany- at least, today, we both feel much older than we felt at the beginning of the summer!! (we ARE in our 41st year of marriage... GAWD!)


"Old Darby, with Joan by his side,
You've often regarded with wonder:
He's dropsical, she is sore-eyed,
Yet they're never happy asunder ..."

In 1735 Henry Woodfall, a printer's apprentice, wrote a ballad titled "The joys of love never forgot: a song" about a happily married elderly couple. His inspiration for those characters was his own boss John Darby and his wife Joan. As you can imagine, he wrote this poem after Darby's death. This poem in turn became an inspiration for follow-up poems and eventually Darby and Joan became a metaphor."



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