Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An odd sort of Turkey Day...

But a special request from the Belgian cousins. (Ah I rue the day I introduced Jenny's father - my first cousin- to an American Thankgiving feast in 1974...) Now, whenever any of them visit, I must try and find a turkey to roast as they all want to revisit the experience! This in NOT easy to do in Corfu. Turkey is something Greeks eat only around Christmas- at least that's when it's in the stores! Fortunately the British Store in Perama still had one. [they actually had TWO but I didn't have room in the freezer to take the other one, which probably means that little bugger will be the only turkey in Corfu this coming November (American Thanksgiving)- unless someone else gets it first...]

So. T. has gone off with the cousins this AM to Sidari, and everyone will have a lovely time. They should all return around five. Meanwhile, I am gearing up to make a rum raisin cheesecake and roast and stuff a turkey. (at least I found one!!!) We have some patty pan squash from the garden so I will bake a little squash and pinapple and sultana thing to go with it. I have some homemade applesauce already made and chilling and we'll have a big pan of Irish mashed potatoes to go with the gravy. Not exactly the menu I would have picked for the depths of summer, but hey, it's going to be cooler today! [86F/30C]


  1. So crazy to think of even having Thanksgiving in August! Truthfully, I've never been a huge fan of the holiday myself. Living in England for the past 8 years, it has been quite a relief to forgo the holiday. I am dreading November this year. I just hate the whole hoop-la. Good for you for giving them a taste of thee fun. You are a much better sport than I am. Hot turkey in hot weather! YIKES!!! Sounds like you'll have a fun day though. Your home sounds so lovely anyway---I've always wanted to visit the Islands and never did---a huge regret on my part. Bah! There's always tomorrow, right. Lovely photos by the way.

    Happy, ermmm...Thanksgiving!



  2. It wasn't too bad actually and of course, the real point of making a turkey is all about the leftovers!

    The cousins leave on Saturday and then we'll sink back into our little slice of peace and quiet... at least until October when my mother comes...



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