Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lunch like a Tourist!

We almost never go out to lunch, even back when were WERE tourists! Mostly because when we first started coming to Corfu, it was winter time and most of the tourist places were all closed and it seemed there weren't too many places TO go to lunch anyway!

Well, now I know that there are many interesting places to eat lunch "like a local" on Corfu, and probably this winter I'll go and visit a few of those places again (and take pictures!).

For now though, T and I decided to be "like tourists" and go to one of my cousin Jeremy's favorite restaurants, The Molfetto Beach Bar/Restaurant (which we'd never been to!) in Gouvia, and sample the fare.

It's a pretty place right on the beach and it wasn't too busy (have to say: this year NOTHING'S been "too" busy...). The wait staff were charming and helpful, and the service was good. The prices were about standard for tourist spots.

I ordered a Greek Salad, while T ordered a Club Sandwich with french fries. (I saved room so I could have a scoop of Coffee Ice Cream!) with two draft beers and the tip, it came to just under 25 euros. It was pretty basic (but fresh and tasty) food. As it was a really hot day (almost 98 F!), I had wanted to sit near to the water and in the shade, to catch the breeze it was a perfect location.

It was a lovely place to have a meal and in spite of the heat we felt cool and refreshed. (of course after we finished, we had to get in the car! which was about 200 F!)

From all that Jeremy told us about the place, he and Melissa (both in their 20's) really enjoyed the wide variety of cocktails, the live music, sometimes dancing, and often "shows", in the evenings and the ginormous fish tank in the middle of the bar seating area. (of course I don't have a picture of that, so you have to click the link!) It sounds like a fun place to visit, but T and I were satisfied with our "tourist" foray into Lunch.

We've been enjoying this past several days "on vacation" at home... it's been strange but very enjoyable! Still today may end up being a more practical day. As it's a bit cloudy, I may see what is ready in the garden...
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