Thursday, September 17, 2009

Acupuncture, rain, and my wino wellies

Yesterday I went downtown, to see Dr Alex: the new to the island, British certified, GP with a specialization in acupuncture! 

He  is shaping up to be a really good doctor.  I can't tell you how reassuring that feels!  Really!

He did acupuncture on my knee a few weeks ago and it worked fantastically well.  So I decided to go for the "treatment" which entails twice a week visits and is a bit longer as each session take about 30 minutes. 

[view looking towards Kanoni]

So, Thursday was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and of course no parking places.  I ended up parking in Kanoni and had a nice 15 minute walk to the doctors office.  Under normal circumstances that wouldn't be so bad, but I was going to the doctor because my knee hurt!  (Catch 22) 

Anyway after the first treatment, I felt so much better I went to get a pair of  rubberr boots, to facilitate crushing the grapes without that small detail of having purple-blue feet for an indefinite period of time afterwards. 

I should probably just call them my 'wino pink jelly wellies'.  I must admit a bit of disappointment at first as the only choice was between a red tartan plaid, zebra stripes or these.

But after a while they kind of grew on me.  Then too they had them in my size!  And, as I tried them on without socks, I was sort of committed to them - as I couldn't take them off without assistance.  (MUST remember to wear socks for grape crushing!)

From there I went to see Andreas, the wine god,  with a bunch of grapes I'd picked before I left the house, to have the sugar level measured. 

The grapes registered 18 out of the desired 22.  But the bunches were starting to be overripe and soggy- two things you DON'T want your grapes to be.  Andreas said that I should pick them on Sunday.  (well he said "over the weekend", but my friend who knows what to do can come on Sunday)  basically on Monday I must go in again to see Andreas, with some of the pressed juice and estimate how many liters I've got and he will tell me how many kilos of sugar to put into the vats.  [And that is my first learning about winemaking cheat sheet idea...]

So the great grape harvest will be off and running on Sunday.  (Good thing I got the boots!)


Today I had to go back for the next session of acupuncture, and first thing this morning we had a MASSIVE thunderstorm.  As it had rained all night without a thunderstorm, it was a big surprise- particularly to the dog who cowered next to my bed.  (with T gone she's much braver about coming into the bedroom as I am more inclined to pat her head and continue dozing, while T finds her snoring and sometime doggie aromas annoying and banishes her if he catches her creeping into the bedroom.)

As I knew I had to be in town for a 10 AM appointment, I walked the dog at the first lull in the rain. (she gets TWO 20-30 minute walks a day, which IS excellent exercise- but sometimes not too convenient!)  A lull which lasted until we were at the furthest point from the house and then it started to come down steadily and very, very wetly.  

I told the dog that we could pretend we were in England... only the smell underfoot of the crushed wild thyme, mint and wild fennel, sort of made it harder to pretend. I came home pretty wet, but toweled off and fed the cats and the dog and then scrambled to get ready.

I drove in earlier than yesterday hopeful to find a great parking place, only to discover when I got downtown, that everyone had gone in early - because of the rain- to get a parking space. 

So, I parked again in Kanoni and was glad I remembered my big umbrella.

Does anyone know if there is a protocol for umbrellas??  Or is it supposed to be just like running with scissors or shooting BB guns that can put your eye out? 

Everytime I unfurl the thing, I spend so much time keeping it from taking out other umbrellas or the heads of the umbrella-less (better known as "the damp") That I often wonder why I bother taking it along.   I suppose my umbrella ineptness is what comes from living in a climate that's mostly sunshine. 

Anyway, days end and my knee finally feels better.  I am most pleased.  

I have to be careful not to over-do, as since it feels better I feel like I can do a lot more.  Slowly, slowly. (σιγά, σιγά.)  I must go back for my next treatment on Tuesday.  We'll see if this "healing" continues!

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  1. I loved reading about your preparations for wine-making! Never knew crushing grapes could be done with wellies on your feet! And adding sugar . . . is that not against the law? ;) Can the wine experts taste it in the finished product?

    Hope your knee continues to improve. I keep hoping more GPs will accept to validity of alternative types of treatment and train to use it to treat their patients.

    Miss Footloose, who's been pricked all over many times, but never stomped on grapes.

  2. Dear Miss Footloose,

    Pshaw! Of course putting sugar in wine is against the laws -of the high and mighty wine gods! On the other hand, if you are running with the everyday blue collar wine gods and not shooting for a "great vintage" I think you do "what ya gotta do".

    As I am trying to make a family-batch-o-wine that doesn't taste like vinegar, and could even maybe be termed drinkable, I will do what i must to achieve that goal.

    Thanks for the encouragement on the knee. It's been dragging on now since March and it's getting "old"!

    [As for the wellies on the feet thing, it just seemed like a good idea that came to me, when everyone kept telling me how many wasp bites they got on their feet and ankles from stomping on the grapes. I hate wasp bites. As I'm limping from my knee, I really didn't want to have to deal with my feet covered in wasp bites too!]



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