Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I am so totally honored to receive an award for my blog! It's my very first and it's like a great present that makes my stomach fluttery every time I think about it!

The "One Lovely Blog" Award was given to me by another lovely blog (and truly lovely person) Helena Halme!

I am sending Helena some "virtual" roses (see picture!) and some fragrances of Greece: some bay laurel and some oregano- both from next to my kitchen...

I started this blog in June when our grandson came to visit for the summer, thinking that it would be nice for family and friends to keep tabs on how he was doing. But then I got addicted to blogging (and other people's blogs!) And even tho I rationalized like crazy, I got hooked.

So this blog continues, and people other than my family and friends, ACTUALLY read it! I am so touched and thankful to all of you.

Part of the generosity of this award is that you need to pass it along to OTHER deserving blogs, so I award this blog to

- Rice Beans & Pastichio and Cheryl's gentle humor and beautiful photographs of her corner of Greece
- Turkish Delight the lovely Ayak's great blog of life and times in Milas, Turkey
- Holli's Ramblings a marvelous blog of the daily adventure of living and working in Accra, Ghana
- Maple Spice, because even tho I am NOT a vegetarian or even a vegan, Debbie's recipes are not impossible, and totally makes vegan food look rich and sumptuous.

These are all Lovely Blogs that deserve a visit. Enjoy them please!

So again thank you Helena, and if I could, I would have you come and enjoy some of my grandmother's recipe tomato soup I have currently cooking on the stove...

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  1. Congratulations on your first award...very well deserved..your's is definitely a lovely blog!

    And thank you so much for passing the award to me xxxx

  2. I wish I could come and have lunch or dinner with you, too! I'm going to check out the blogs you've recommended!
    PS. Don't forget to display your Award!

  3. Congratulations! I do enjoy your blog...and want to know what is happening to the wine...

  4. Congratulations! You deserve this award. I love your blog & I love that you've shared its origin with us. Like mine, it was going to be a way for others to keep us with us, but then it took off and I was hooked. Yours is truly indeed, lovely. I love it!
    Thank you for the nomination and mostly, for your support. It's readers/friends like you that inspire me to keep blogging. Thank you.


  5. Yes, Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog and thanks so much for the nomination too!!

  6. Congratulaions! To read your blog is always a treat.

  7. One lovely blog !
    Thanks for share it. It's really good blog. We are awake for this blog and their values. Many people are giving mostly positive reviews. Thanks for all user.



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