Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Song of the Seven Islands

I came across this poem, on the way to looking up something entirely different. I guess that's the beauty of the Internet... anyway this is excerpted from near the bottom of a rather long page.

"Song of the Seven Islands"

"Your waters dazzle like a floor of diamonds
Westward your tides
Grope and caress the shores of Italy.

In a circumference of blue the seven islands
Foam-chiselled, rise, dissolve,
Join hands and dance upon the waves.

Zakynthos drowned in flowers
Cephalonia seamed with toil
Kythera and Paxoi
Corfu the enchantress of the mind and heart
Ithaka a mariner's ryhme in stone
Levkas the watch-tower of the Armatoli.

From the Ionian shore
From the Ionian sea
Since Homer, since Solomos,
The poet's song, the statesman's art
Haunted these islands like sea-birds......................."

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  1. Beautiful and illustrated perfectly!

  2. Thank you Gloria,

    And welcome to my corner of the world!

    A quick glance through your site makes me excited to have made a new virtual friend.

    I look forward to more exchanges.


  3. What a beautiful poem.

    I've tagged you to do a Meme...can you pop over to my blog to have a look? Don't feel obliged of course!

  4. There's an award for you on my blog!



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