Friday, September 25, 2009

Whether the weather - it's that kind of day

Big clue first thing this morning... anytime you see those little cloud wispy things under the big dark cloud, it's a sign.

But the storm didn't come in the morning, though of course the heavy air and the headache did.

The sun even came out for a while this afternoon, and I thought maybe it would clear up!

But then the clouds came and it started to get overcast, still no rain.

Finally, the sky started trying to make up it's mind. Not just overcast!

Lightening flashed. Thunder boomed. (The dog cowered, whimpered and lay on my feet, if it would have been possible she would have climbed into my lap.) That went on for about an hour and a half!

All of a sudden the wind whipped up a glorious gustiness and blew everything every which way in the yard. I was chasing after chair cushions and hats left on the terrace.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I was buffeted around whilst scavenging after things the wind decided to play with... the dog regarded me through the screen door with worried eyes. The cats dashed past me towards the house knowing that any second the sky would open up!

And of course the sky opened up, with the rain flying sideways and the wind changing directions to catch me no matter where I stood outside.

Fresh cool rain, fresh earth smell.

It came down solidly for about 2 hours.

Then I took the dog out in the sprinkles for a little walk-about. She was pleased. She LIKES rain.

She just doesn't like thunder.

For now, it's still raining a little bit, but it's that sweet rain that makes the hush-hush sound as it falls on the bushes outside the window where I'm sitting.

My headache is finally fading - just as it's time to go to bed. Well, I suppose I'll sleep well tonight- as will the dog if the thunder stays away!

Yes. I can't believe I wrote a post about the weather.

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  1. Weather posts are always nice. At least I now know for certain that I'm not the only one suffering from headaches in this type of weather. :)Have a nice weekend. I hope that your headache has faded!

  2. We also had a humid day yesterday building up to rain in the evening....but I couldnt have written about it so beautifully as you have! We all sat out in it, and the dogs played in it...but the mosquitos were out in full force, so I am suffering from bitten ankles this morning.

  3. Dear Cheryl,

    Yes the headache faded finally when I went to sleep, but it's come back in it's niggling way, this morning, with the heavy thick air we woke up to! I've had to turn on the fans! It's not really "hot" but with the oppressive humidity it feels like it should be!

    As I get older I find I have become a human barometer. Depending on the kind of weather, either my hands and fingers hurt like crazy or I get my "thunderstorms headache" Bleh.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend as well! Take care.

    Dear Ayak,

    Thank you for saying nice things about my post. It turned out I really didn't want to write about cleaning out the fridge, wrestling with the cat litter, or even sorting laundry, or any of the other bits of minutia that make up my day, so I was only left with the weather!

    I must say that when you live in a climate of mostly sunshine, after coming from a climate that changed all the time, you do tend to become very aware of the weather shifts and changes.

    We too are plagued with mosquitoes. Fortunately my dear T has made screens to cover all the windows and doors, otherwise I would be mad with the itching.

    (I just discovered Phenergan, by the way, which does alleviate some of the swelling and the itch, so you can get to sleep!

    If you haven't heard of it, ask at your pharmacy. I originally got it for my cousin who had a nasty spider bite, but it works for those bad mosquito bites too!)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Yes we also have mozzy screens on all doors and windows and I avoid going outside after dusk, but I was fooled into believing that they wouldnt appear during the rain. I have run out of Stillex gel which I always use for bites..its excellent. However, I discovered through the wonders of the internet that Ibubrofen gel also works on the bites that swell up. I happened to have some which I use for arthritis in my fingers so used it on a particularly nasty bite last week with excellent results.

    But I will also give Phenergan a it an anti-histamine?

  5. Phenergan (AKA Promethazine) Wikipedia says "Promethazine is a first-generation H1 receptor antagonist, antihistamine and antiemetic medication."

    When I initially looked it up it seemed that it was usually given orally or through an IV, but Sanofi-Aventis makes a tube of cream with 2% promethazine for bites and skin reactions. So I guess it works topically as well!

    (I have noticed no side effects and the pharmacist in Corfu who gave it to my cousin, did so because she was pregnant and couldn't take anything stronger.)



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