Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's September!

What a change! The heat and humidity have dropped to below tropical proportions and the evenings are finally cool enough for a shoulder covering!

The storm was pretty spectacular With the sky swirling and thunder rumbling, we knew we were in for a good show.

It lasted a long time, and it was fascinating to watch all the amazing cloud "building". The dog of course suffered. Poor beast, I think she must be affected by the dropping barometer as much as by the thunder.

We dashed around and battened all the hatches we could think of, while at the same time being amazed at the sky above us!

Living on an island gives you a whole different perspective on weather!

Finally it got very dark with clouds and we had a spectacular lightening show. Then the rain hit and came down like a monsoon! It came down with the wind whipping around til nightfall. It was a surprisingly cold rain and when it hit the pool (of nice and warm 30 C/86 F temperature water) clouds of mist swirled up!

All in all it was a wild evening - weather wise. T and I played cards (cribbage) to keep the dog company, and finally decided to go to sleep to the sound of rain falling.


There is of course, some bad news, as the rain washed off the pectin on all the grapes, so we'll have to hope that they ripen a bit more and get that pectin back before we have to pick them to make the wine! As it now stands we have no idea when they'll be ready.

The purchase of the big blue plastic wine stomping tubs has come in very handy however for all sorts of things (including washing old blankets and curtains!). With the weather change, there seems to be a need building to turn the house inside out and make it all fresh before winter. (also before my mother comes!)

T's birthday is a week from today. (This will be the real test to see if my sons actually READ this blog or merely SAY they do...!) He'll be officially retired and collecting U.S. social security! Finally! I've merely been living with an "unemployed statistic" for the last nine years!!! Still, all's well that ends well, I think going to visit the family in the U.S., is a nice prezzie!
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  1. So now you get to go from being an "unemployed statistic" to a net drain on the US Treasury. Don't worry, your sons will do their best to keep adding to those coffers - so you can rest assured that it will remain solvent, at least as long as YOU live.

    Some people are just better than others at remembering birthdays. The same way that some people are better than others at counting their points in cribbage.

  2. Of course it WOULD be the "responsible son" who reads the blog!!

    dear #2 Son,

    Thank you for remaining employed, for OH so MANY reasons!!!

    Also MY cribbage points were easily counted as they were so minuscule. Your father's cribbage points on the other hand needed pointing out as he had so many he missed some.

  3. I love that the weather has changed also. Although, it hasn't rained here ...at least not yet.
    Congratulations to T for his upcoming birthday and impending retirement ;)
    I think a trip to the U.S. is a fantastic present...can I go too?
    Have a great month!

  4. Hey Cheryl!

    You can go with T, only if you can fit into the suitcase.

    (unfortunately you won't have any room to come back tho as all the 'return' empty spaces will be filled with Jif Creamy Peanut Butter.)

    There are some cheap flights around tho! Check out: http://www.skyscanner.net/flights-from/gr/cheap-flights-from-greece.html



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