Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunset and moonrise - we play tourist again

It's always nice to discover something totally by accident and we found it in Pelekas: the Petra beach bar was just such a serendipitous accident, and only ten minutes from the house!

If ever there was a place that should have named themselves "Sunset Bar", this IS the place! It's gorgeous. As their website describes "This spectacular octagonal building enclosed by glass on all sides has been designed to maximise views and to highlight the extraordinary structure of the property. Giant arches built of local stone support a magnificent tree trunk roof.", and that is exactly what you get!

We had a lovely drink and munchies (T had a Leffe beer almost impossible to find here on the island!) with uninterrupted views of sky and water and watched the sun go down All the while there was a group on the other side of the huge room having a sunset wedding vows exchange with a group of friends!

It turned out we knew the groom! how serendipitous was that! (one thing we always are reminded of when living on an island, eventually you do run into most of the people you know or have met. It's like "6 degrees of separation"only closer!)

All in all it was a lovely way to celebrate the end of the day.

We decided to drive to Agios Gordias and on the way caught the moon, rising like a big pink platinum coin!

On arrival we solved the biggest problem by finding a great parking space right away.

From there we went to have a little wander down to the beach and look into the sales in all the shops, then, maybe find some Mexican Food.

La Tabernita Mexicana Grill & Tequila Bar is nicely midway down the road from where we parked and up from the beach on the walk back.

We've been there before. They DO make the best Sangria on the island. The food is adequately Mexican, though it's nearly impossible to find really spicy Mexican food anywhere on Corfu.

We did have for about a year and a half a great (yes it DOES sound strange) Mexican - Chinese Restaurant called Chili's and Chopsticks, wherein, if you asked, you could actually get really spicy Mexican OR Chinese food (with no flavor carryover!) Sadly the restaurant is no more- well, that may not be strictly true, I don't know where it IS and the last place it was in closed down. (It did that once before and it took us six months to find it again!)

So. Due to my diet, I decided to try the dinner salad but, I was overwhelmed. What a great choice! It was huge and had several different types of salad, thinly sliced cabbage, green onions, green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes with big slices of avocado over the top. There was a very nice (NOT diet) white dressing on top in the center - that I am sure included mayonnaise!- and was delicious.

I couldn't finish it all, but T finished it for me. T had a chicken burrito, which he deemed quite tasty.

In order not to feel deprived, I ordered a "starter": a single cheese and pepper (w one jalapeno!) quesadilla. T and I split it, and it did a fine job giving added zip to each of our meals.

We got home around 10:30, and felt welcomed by both the house AND the moon!

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  1. Hi...and yet I discover another fascinating blog! I found you because you have just joined my list of followers...thankyou.

    So, having had a quick skim here,I know I will be back again for have added you to my list too.

    Nice to meet you


  2. Thank you Ayak! Hos Geldinez! I can only hope my posts are as interesting as yours!

    Nice to meet you too!

  3. Your life makes me want to pack my suitcase and bolt. The pictures you take look like they are from 1800-tourist and get me the fuck out of! It sounds like you had a delightful, calm evening. I am surprised about the Mexican food. It's always funny to see another country and how they interpret it. England was never very good at it. Living in Los Angeles, I am very spoiled. But, lucky you, you get to eat GREEK food all the time! I really envy the life that you have because I am sure your anxiety levels are so much less than mine in terms of just being able to wind down and find peace. Surroundings that are that serene can't help but make you appreciate life and nature. Lovely posy. xoxoxo-- One of 365

  4. Thank you for the compliment, re:photos! I just have a little sony 'point and shoot' camera, but I love it cause it's so small and easy. (it even has a setting that says "EASY" (!), which is the Only setting T can use and not mess up; otherwise we have fuzzy dark pictures of his thumb:P)

    Yes, I am lucky to be able to eat Greek food, but sometimes I really crave a good Thai restaurant or some excellent Mexican or Chinese.

    I just have to hold out for vacations or else figure out how to cook them myself! (which is what usually happens which is why I am NOW on a diet...)



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