Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A very good day for a birthday

Today, I was reminded of that saying "you have to kiss a lot of toads, before you find your prince."  I however, was incredibly lucky and found my prince really early on!  (When we got married I was 19 and he was just 21, and in the Army!)

Today, my dear T had his 62 birthday.  To celebrate, he had perfect weather (cool sunny day), a charming spouse (moi!), great meals (a huge brunch with French toast, crisp bacon slices, golden fried potatoes, and a perfect scrambled egg!) and the only disappointment was the bar we went to in Pelekas (the Zanzibar...) for a Guinness tonight, was closed for the season!  Boo-hoo, such is life.

Still, we came home from our wanderings and found this one on our doorstep to remind us of our good fortune!  (he's no longer a toad, and I don't have to kiss it!!)

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  1. What a lovely birthday celebration - and a splendid toad!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day.

    Oh I suffered several toads before finding my prince..but it was worth the wait!

  3. Hi Viv!

    Yes he is splendid! (the toad!) We always have one or two somewhere in the garden, and they always come out at night.

    Sometimes I wake up and think there's a person outside because when they hop, they "plop" rather steadily, and it sounds, rather eerily like footsteps on the terrace!!

    Dear Ayak,

    Having watched all my friends over the years, go through their own share of toads, I can understand what you say. I know I am very lucky. (tho I will admit that over the 40 years of marriage T has exhibited the odd flurry of toadlike behavior!! quickly quashed however!)



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