Friday, October 9, 2009

"And now for something completely different ..." or not!

As this has been, pretty much to this point, a blog about Corfu and things Corfu "-ish", all these family stories have been a bit of digression. (yes, truely fascinating of course, but I don't want to spoil you all...)


I figured it was about time for another restaurant visit!!! (and YAY! It was a win-win for me, I didn't have to cook!)

So we started out the evening with great plans to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Retro Nuevo. But as with so many things on Corfu, you may start out going in one directions but things don't quite work out as planned.

T dropped us off close to the restaurant in downtown Corfu, and went to park the car. As we slowly made our way up towards the New Fortress, (and the closer we got to the restaurant) I noticed that the windows were dark (yes we probably should have called...) Sadly they were closed! I am guessing that now that it's "winter" they have gone to being open only on weekends. (Fine!)

So when T finally joined us after finding a parking space, we had to send him back to get the car. From there we decided to go back into the downtown part of town and visit another one of our favorite restaurants... Pomo D'Oro. The chef, Aristoteles Megoulas, is quite brilliant. His meals are wonderfully based in Greek cuisine, with fresh, in season, Mediterranean foods, but he creates flavors in a most modern and intelligently Nouvelle Cuisine sort of way!

This restaurant has an incredible selection of wine. Many people go because his selection of Greek wines really is astounding.

Tonight though, none of us felt too much like wine. We had a pleasant evening of cocktails instead! (Be warned, in Greek restaurants that really "hits" your bill!) The menu was incredible, we really wanted to have a buffet so we could taste all the marvelous dishes.

We settled for a wonderful salad of mixed greens with raisins, pine nuts and a delicious vinaigrette, we also ordered a warm starter of Manouri cheese wrapped in Parma ham with pears and walnuts. Main courses were, amazing chicken fillet, stuffed with cheese and prunes in a wonderful sauce; shrimp cooked in saffron sauce, and Sea Bream delicately grilled with rosemary. Every bite was wonderful.

For 'afters' we opted for espresso and a cappuccino, and decided to share one dessert. A "brownie with ice cream" sounded like a nice finish.

The absolute piece de resistance of the whole dinner, however, turned out to be that "brownie with ice cream"--- that simple description, absolutely-no-way tells you, what a fantastic trip into chocolate heaven that dessert really was!! It wasn't too sweet but rich and chocolaty, yet light as a mousse. The ice cream was delicate and had an almost coconut taste next to the chocolate.

It was unlike any brownie I have ever made, but one I now aspire to!! I think we would have fought to lick the plate if no one had been watching. We behaved (and sadly left the plate on the table) and didn't even begrudge (too much) the 120 euro (including tip) bill.

So concludes another fine evening dining in Corfu! (Sorry, it's JUST past midnight so it's tomorrow- but it really is today's- Thursday- post.)
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  1. Oh what a mouthwatering post! I know now of course why my brother has continued to return to Corfu every year for nearly 30 years. He has just returned from two weeks there, along with my other brother and their wives. They all had a great time. My brother's Greek friends, who own a hotel have taught him so much about Greek cuisine. He usually does a Greek dinner party for me when I'm in the I'm looking forward to this at the end of this month!

  2. For sure, if you ever decide to come to Corfu, let me know! (I remember you writing about your brother's continuing "relationship" with the island!)

    The food last night was really special. The young chef who owns the restaurant is very gifted. AND last night was lovely enough to sit outside on the patio, which made dinner even lovelier. The restaurant is in the heart of the city, but it was still quite calm and peaceful.

    Another good memory.



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