Saturday, October 31, 2009

On goolies, goblins, witches and spider (man)s...

It's a pumpkin carving sort of day, what with the season and all... so we sort of got to celebrate Halloween with our two favorite local children.  (We've been "surrogate" grandparents since they were born!)  T.  has been carving pumpkins for several years with them and they really enjoy the mess of it all but particularly with a great and funny final product.

T just likes to carve pumpkins and he really enjoys the kids.  I take pictures and make something with the leftovers. (roasted pumpkin seeds? pumpkin soup? pumpkin bread? It sort of depends on how much is leftover...)

So the kids drew pictures of what they wanted their pumpkin to look like and then gave T. free reign to make it happen (with a little bit of assistance here and there)

With much silliness and laughter (the children speak Greek and Dutch with the odd English word remembered from times past) and so we managed to make two big pumpkins for them, and a little tiny guy for us.  (Hey, I love Halloween!)

Happy Halloween! [Boo!]

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  1. What lovely photos I miss those days :))

  2. Looks like so much fun! It's nice that you have young children around to enjoy the holiday with.

    BTW...I didn't find any pumpkins this year!



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