Monday, October 19, 2009

Off to see the wizard..

Brussels Grand Place pavementImage by Lounge! via Flickr
We're off to hit the pavements of Brussels. Well and also to visit my aunt and cousins.

My uncle died last month, and though the family is saddened, he died quite peacefully. It will be good for the two sisters to spend some time together, so my mother is sort of psyching herself up for the trip and spending the time with my aunt. That's about it for my mother's family! Not too many of them left!

So. I have NO idea what we'll be doing for the next 6 days. I will be taking my laptop and my camera - and maybe I'll give you little Brussels updates... we shall see.

Interestingly my cousins wife wrote me a quick note to tell me that as the municipality is doing work, there will be no electricity or gas on Thursday and Friday morning, but not to worry they've got a wood delivery for the fireplace, so things will be fine. hmmm.

If all else fails, I'll return Sunday evening and life will be almost back to normal on Monday week!
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