Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going to the Spa... the Sofitel Hotel yesterday, was a fun experience for my mother!

As my mother's return flight to the States left at 7 AM this morning and as there was no connecting flight from Corfu that would allow her to make the flight without spending the night in the airport, we decided to take advantage of the Sofitel Hotel just across from the Arrivals hall.

We flew to Athens yesterday morning and spent the day enjoying the Hotel (it's the same price if you check in at 11 AM or 11 PM! to spend the night.).. and the spa facilities therein.

I'd called from Corfu, and made appointments for her to have her hair done, and a manicure and pedicure. That way she'd be comfortable and rested for her return flight - in spite of the fact we had to wake up at 4 AM and be at the check in desk at 5 AM!

For myself, I'd packed my bathing suit and took advantage of the heated pool and sauna. It was very Very nice. More so because I was the only one swimming and later using the sauna! There were a couple of people who came to have a massage, but I just ignored them.

The Sofitel provided a wheelchair for her to transition to from the Airport service wheelchair, and of course the GoldAir service (through Aegean Airlines) took excellent care of her before and after the flight.

We had a very nice and light supper in the piano bar, and had a very early night (with a 4 AM hotel wake up call to back up my alarm clock!) The hotel wasn't cheap, but by the same token the room was designed for a handicapped person and worked out quite well. (there are "deals" to be had so don't write it off as 'over the top expensive', without checking things out should you need the service!)

The GoldAir representative arrived promptly with the wheelchair in the hotel lobby at 10 minutes before 5 AM to pick her up at the hotel and take her to her gate as well! I was most impressed. (and really, REALLY relieved!) The hotel provided us with a baggage cart to take over to the Departures hall. I got her checked in and said good bye and went to my gate to sleep and eventually (8 AM!) fly back to Corfu where T was waiting to sweep me off to the house to have a very nice catch up and breakfast together.

The only drawback to all this gallivanting is that I seem to have caught -- ANOTHER AIRPLANE COLD! Bleh.

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  1. All sounds very well organised...impressive.
    Oh don't you just hate airplane colds? I always manage to get one too!

  2. I loathe airplane colds, and I seem to get one every time.

    I just heard from my mother as she's safe and sound back home again.

    It seems the flight she was on from Athens (Air France) was delayed for 40 minutes and what with one thing and another she ended up missing all her connections when she arrived late in Paris.

    Still all's well that ends well and she ended up arriving back home only 4 hours later than originally expected.

    sigh. travel just ain't what it used to be...



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