Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to Beersel for another fine meal!

For lunch yesterday the sisters my cousin and me and T went to a restaurant that has been around since my cousin and I were children, and my grandparents would take us for a great meal - but usually we'd all sit in the garden and they would have a beer (gueuze) from the brewery attached to the restaurant.

Again many more family stories... and again a wonderful meal.

This time tho it was much more traditional Belgian fare that included shrimps, steak and frites, des moules (mussels)and for my aunt, Anguilles au vert (eels in green sauce).

For dessert (no pictures as again between the great wine and food we forgot!) was homemade speculos ice cream as well as homemade mocha/coffee ice cream (that my mother had in a large sundae with whipped cream, caramel sauce and nuts!) to top off a wonderful meal.

Afterwards we managed to waddle home - after a THREE hour meal- to take a little rest ... only then to eat a "light" supper of yet other marvels of Belgium... 6 different cheeses, thin slices of beautiful ham both off the bone and special ham from the Ardennes. There was also a mouthful of lovely pâté d'campagne.

Sigh. I will so miss Brussels... for sure I will miss my family - but Oh my, will I miss the food!!

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  1. We're thinking of risking the train again to attain Belgian paradise....stop tempting us!

  2. Ha! Now I'm home in Greece and all I can think about is food. (Tho for supper last night all I had was a bowl of cereal! No wonderful cheeses and pates, sob...)

    I'll probably post one last post re: Brussels and the food but then, I'm home again for a while anyway. (I leave in two weeks to go to Chicago. God. I am getting too old to travel like this!!)

    Still I would say the food WAS actually worth the hassle of the trip, so I won't dissuade you.



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