Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A flight of fancy or a taste of shipboard life

I found these pictures of me on the ship, and they so amused me I thought I'd share them. At the same time, I recognize I was very fortunate to have caught the tail end of history as it passed into the next iteration...

In 1955, my mother and I went from Montreal, Canada, to Le Havre, France on the Cunard Line's SS Sameria (We returned on the SS Franconia.)

[From there we took the train to Paris... but that's another "picture post"!]

It was an amazing trip on board a unique world that lasted about ten days. There were deck chairs set out for people to "take the air" while wrapped in their coats and headscarves against the wind and there were pursers (men in uniforms) all around to get you a wool blanket and cozily tuck you in to wrap it snugly around yourself. At 10 AM, there was a chiming sound and it was time for a cup of Bovril (hot beef tea.) in a cup and saucer, brought to your deck chair.

I remember the siren for the lifeboat drill, which we had more than once!

The meals were formal and everyone dressed up. Well dressed up more. Women wore dinner dresses and men wore black tie. During the day men wore suits or sport coats, and women wore skirts or dresses and long coats. (a few daring ones wore wool slacks.)

I remember seeing an iceberg and a whale (which is why there are two pictures of me standing at the railing! I didn't want to leave as there were OBVIOUSLY things to see in the ocean!)
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  1. Wonderful pics...looking forward to more...especially Paris.

  2. I love these posts! Really interesting and valuable-it is really nice of you to share these parts of your life with us!



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