Sunday, October 18, 2009

A lovely dinner at Retro Nuevo

So... we finally made it! Unlike the other night when we were unsuccessful at eating there (but tres successful at Pommo d'Oro...) we arrived and were greeted by the charming Panos.

We decided to eat inside for the first time and were comfortably placed.
Panos quickly brought us drinks and a menu and some lovely bread with flavored olive oils to dip it into.

T and I decided to fall back on the starters that we'd ordered the last time with such delicious memories: shrimp and mango rolled in Kadaifi pastry, little seafood pouches to dip in teryaki sauce - except instead of teryaki, Panos suggested a spicy mayonnaise that was delicious! (there are pictures here.)

My dear mother (see above) followed in the steps of her great-niece and ordered the pork fillet in Kumquat sauce, while T and I went in new directions. T had the sneak preview of the winter menu with a sliced chicken breast in orange sauce with rosemary potatoes, while I was a sucker for the beef fillet steak with rocket, Parmesan and Balsamic sauce. Heavenly food.

Then came dessert, wherein we put ourselves in Panos capable hands and let him bring us a "selection". This time (as the last) we all wanted a taste before I could get my camera ready!! Suffice to say, the white chocolate panacotta with red fruit sauce, the dark chocolate souffle and the "lemon cheesecake in a bowl" were as exceptional as remembered! (You get an idea from what's left on the plate that it was beautiful to look at - however briefly- it tasted wonderful.)

So again the lovely Retro Nuevo restaurant did not disappoint.

This restaurant is worth the time. We'll be back... (said without a "terminator" accent.)

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  1. Oh God I so want to eat there and I so want to feel the warmth of your climate .. love from a permanently dizzy blonde in the midst of the cold wilderness called North Wales :)

  2. It is SUCH good food. Really.

    Today we're sharing your climate as we started the day with a thunderstorm segued into winds and horizontal rain and then a steady drizzle. We've had rain pretty much all day (well except for about 3 hours this afternoon when we sat outside (and it got up to about 20 degrees in the sun) and killed a bottle of Prosecco, and a bottle of red wine with some friends who stopped by.

    [you are totally welcome to drop by as well! (except for this week Tuesday when we fly to Brussels for the week...)]



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