Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding old favorite places in Brussels

Yesterday brought back all the golden memories of wonderful family outings to the Belgian restaurants of my childhood.

In fact we went to one of the Belgian restaurants of my childhood- L’Auberge du Chevalier. It has changed names though and now it’s called Auberge de Beersel. It’s right outside the castle grounds (you can see the castle from the outside terrace (when the weather is nice- obviously NOT in October…)

It's a gorgeous wonderful place, small and intimate and it has been a restaurant for at least one hundred years...
[click on picture to enlarge]

We enjoyed an incredible feast there. We all started the meal with ‘croquettes crevettes’, or fried croquettes with the tiny shrimp from the North Sea. For the main course my mother had a simple plate of toast and forest mushrooms (which is in season right now, and fantastically delicious!) my cousin R, (and T!) had beautiful cod fish with an amazing sauce, and Jenny had rabbit cooked in a barbeque-type sauce made with Kriek beer. I had chicken slow cooked until if was falling off the bone, in the a different barbeque Kriek sauce. (the dark sauce)

With it all we had a perfectly chilled bottle of Sancerre.

It was all awesomely delicious. We finished the meal with ice cream -Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce) and Brasilienne (vanilla and chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce and nuts) and it was marvelous. It was amazingly delicious and though I was stuffed from eating my dinner (and samples of everyone else!) I forced myself to clean my bowl.

Someone had to do it.

Of course after finishing the meal I realized that my diet was shot. But it went down in splendor!
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  1. I'd have thought Kriek would have been the thing to drink with a Kriek sauce. Have a Kwak or a Duvel on me whilst in Belgium and some Frites of course.

  2. The crevettes!The sauces!
    Don't we miss Belgian food.....
    Mr. Fly will be heading for the kitchen and busying himself once I pass this on to him. He does his best to reproduce his home recipes, and does very well...pity we can't get Belgian bread as well...or cheese....
    Off to encourage him to get to work!

  3. Welcome Heiko,

    and thanks for the recommendation! Though I must say the Sancerre was perfect with the meal (and I do it again in a minute!)

    We are getting our quota of beer certainly, as there are so many here to choose from, still I'll make an effort to have a Duvel for you. (I've already taken care of the frites today, but that will be tomorrow's post...)

    Dear Fly,

    Every time I come to Belgium I remind myself why I need to figure out how to move here (or at the very least, invent a machine to allow me to visit as often as I wish without having to take an airplane!) so I can eat the incredible food available- from bread to cheese to ham (or many sorts of hams!) to haché to american, to all the marvels of "pistolets and des sandwiches..."

    sigh. only one more day...



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