Friday, October 23, 2009

Still feasting in Brussels -

One of the family's favorite restaurants is Le Florence.  In spite of its name, it is NOT an Italian restaurant.  It used to be. 

The previous owners ran an Italian restaurant "dans le temps", but the two Moroccan brothers who now own and run the restaurant kept the name but, cook only french recipes --- and they do them most excellently!

My mother and her sister were in prime form and their silliness kept us all laughing through the meal.  My mother who has had a strong French accent all her life, nevertheless found it difficult to speak in French without lapsing into the odd English word.  As my aunt speaks no English, this would cause consternation and blank looks in the middle of intense conversations on family stories.  My mother would then say it more clearly in English instead of French all the while convinced she was speaking in French.  We all laughed a lot.

The two sisters are definitely having a good time.

Again the food was amazing.  Our starters ranged from croquette crevettes to elegant pâté, to light cheese soufflé to smoked wild salmon to a wonderful Coquilles St Jacques au gratin.  Our main course was fish: sole, monk fish and lobster. 

For dessert we, again went for diet killing food and relished the joys of chocolate souffle, Dame Blanche, Dame Noir - (made with the chef's freshly made ice creams...) and a selection of profiteroles, chocolate mousse and chocolate-chocolate ice cream.

My mother had the fruit plate with home made passion fruit sorbet.

My aunt kept insisting she wasn't hungry but managed to get every drop of chocolate ice cream out of her bowl.
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It was another marvelous meal with wonderful family memories both from the past and of course, the new ones created by this gathering.

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